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All About Gel Nails

Valentino Beauty Pure – Is it not endowed with genetically thick long fingernails? Don’t worry – meet nail extension. Nail extensions are becoming increasingly popular due to their lengthening of even the shortest nails. Whether you’re a nail pro or a newbie, we’re here to walk you through this trend and explain why you should have them on hand like you did yesterday.

Nail Extensions and Toenail Extensions: Really, What’s the Difference?

It seems similar every day. There is a new trend for hot nails and understanding the difference between the two makes us anxious. instead of messing with a 30-minute youtube video to figure out what extension and overlay are (like we should have), we’ve created a TLDR version just for you – enjoy 🤎

You will find artificial nails of two unique types – false nails and elongated nails. Sorry for continuing to delay. We are working on our google ranking. Keep scrolling for more – you’re almost there.

What are Nail Overlays

Nail Overlays Valentino Beauty Pure

Nail extensions are great for adding flair to your look without lengthening your nail. If you want to give your nails a more subtle look, you’ll probably want to opt for gel polish. It may provide just enough colour and texture without a drastic change, but we promise you’ll still love the efficient look. But if you’re the kind to opt for something more visible with some extra length (absolutely no judgment here – we encourage that), you can opt for a plastic or even acrylic overlay instead.

There are two types of nail polish: gel and acrylic. Again, they both rest on your natural nail and don’t add length but look and feel healthy and strong. They also protect the natural nail (but be sure to remove it to avoid damaging it).

The gel is a more healthy option for those who want the patch to last longer, but it’s not as easy to remove as oil-based, so you’ll need a more potent remover if needed.

On the other hand, acrylics can chip easily because they have only weak adhesive properties. We are making them ideal when quick removal is not essential.

What are Nail Extensions

Nail Extensions Valentino Beauty Pure

Want to feel like a million bucks short of spending a million dollars? try our latest obsession: nail extensions

We need to take two main types apart: nail moulds and plastic extensions. We’ll get to work.

Nail Molds: If you look for something durable yet inexpensive, you need nail moulds. They come in many forms, so there’s always one for every occasion or style imaginable without breaking down as quickly in use as other alternatives.

Plastic Fake Nails: Made of heat resistant material to stay in place longer. You can wear them with acrylic or other types of paints.

What is the best way to grow nails?

Nail extensions aren’t always easy, but it’s worth it! Believe us; we wouldn’t lie to you.

Gel extension application requires several steps to achieve perfect-looking nails.

During a manicure or at home, the application begins with preparing the nails. Think of proper nail prep as a blank canvas. You want to make sure the surface is clean and smooth before starting so your job lasts as long as possible.

Preparation is part of the nail care process – cuticle care, filing and cleaning. A nail mould is then fixed under each natural nail’s free edge. As soon as the nail shape is set, the application of solid gel or one-step gel begins.

After shaping the nails, it’s time to apply the gel polish. A set of pins requires gel base, polish and gel top coat. each layer of varnish dries under an LED or UV lamp until completely dry. after that, voila, you’re done, and your nails are beautiful (actually good).

How to remove elongated nails?

There are many ways to remove elongated nails, but not all are correct.

Peeling off gel nails from a natural nail is a very, very bad idea. You can ruin the integrity of the nail, but you can also cause damage or infection between each set, making it harder for you to do it again in the future. Trust us, don’t.

The top method to eliminate these nasties, which works well, is a soaking treatment. An example of a dip treatment would be placing a cotton swab soaked in nail polish remover on your nails and leaving them wrapped in foil. This softens the bonds, allowing you to erase or polish residue.

We’ll leave the step-by-step instructions here so you can save them for later, but feel free to skip to the next section for more information.

V for Victorious with Valentino Beauty Pure

The first thing women will do after COVID-19 is going to beauty salons for manicures and pedicures. The reason is that beautiful nails make a woman feel sexy, confident and sophisticated. David A. DiLorenzo, Leader of Valentino Beauty Pure and serial entrepreneur for 20 years, has brought a revolutionary product to the nail industry.

It is all underway with his father, David Sr., who breathed life into Valentino Beauty Pure over ten years ago. David grew up working in his father’s salon from New Jersey to South Beach. David saw the need for a product to eliminate nail odour and dust from acrylic nails. He’s heard customers complaining that dust and clutter are causing migraines and mood swings, and it’s starting to weigh on barbers. Brainstorming, David and his father invented an invention. They patented a product now known in the industry as the “Source Capture System”, which removes harmful odours and dust from fingernails. When David entered the nail industry with his invention, he faced a lot of adversity from a sector that was reluctant to transition to a healthier work environment.

Hurricane Sandy caused David and his family to lose their homes, warehouse, office and inventory, nearly bankrupting the business. The move to Florida to rebuild the business and preserve the brand cost the family dearly.

Detailed Report:

As consumer attention wandered online, David took his vision out of the box. He logged onto Facebook to grow the business online. In doing so, he spoke straight to the consumer and eliminated the need for a middleman. It took a while, but luckily an obscure phone app called Instagram had just come out, and David was quick to jump on it. Instagram has opened up a whole new sales channel and a way to reach even more unique and up-and-coming nail artists and regular consumers. David has built relationships with female nail technicians and worked with colleagues to create a crew environment. From there, the game changed for him.

Thanks to his grandfather being the head trainer of the brand and his father being a platform artist, David saw the need for education in the nail industry. David began training the artist in business and marketing, an industry in which he excelled, and left to enter the creation of beauty. He assembled a team of 17 educators and recruited 400 brand ambassadors. Some “Ambassadors” he built from scratch, and others won a lot of fans. David took the time to help the technicians in every way he could because a business can only be successful if its team is successful.

The Valentino Beauty Pure line found and worked with one of the best chemists in the region and began developing a line of acrylic and gel polishes rigorously blind tested by 1,000 technicians over a year. These products are now available as an acrylic system and a gel system from Valentino Beauty Pure.

Extra Information:

However, David and Valentino Beauty Pure continue to control the nail industry, with social media touting his accolades.

David and his company trust in success, and they only succeed if you succeed. Perhaps that is why Valentino Beauty Pure is well-known in more than 20 countries worldwide. It is a success.

David then found one of the most outstanding chemists and began developing a range of acrylic and gel polishes rigorously blind tested by 1,000 technicians for a year. These products are now available as an acrylic system and a gel system from Valentino Beauty Pure.

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