How To Select The Right Colors In Nail Art?

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How To Select The Right Colors In Nail Art? – Nail art is all the fury! Much more than simple nail polish, your nails are now adorned with as many decorations as your imagination allows. Rhinestones, sequins, stickers. But who says infinite choice also says difficulty to find your way around! Choosing the right colours that you will put on your nails is crucial. Adopt the right colours, and your nail art will not fail to dazzle those around you.

Nail Art Colors

Nail art comes in a thousand ways. The simpler version is to choose just one colour for your nails. You can then embellish them with patterns, from the more discreet to the more flashy. In this case, the colour of the nail polish colour must agree with that of the chosen ways. Contrasting colours will brand the design stand out and add sparkle to the base polish. Hence, the colours according to the desired effect.

A white nail polish on which we affix a small black pattern will give chic sobriety to your nails. On the contrary, a few golden arabesques on a purple varnish will provide them with a luxurious shine—several colours on a single pin for two-tone or gradient versions. We then choose complementary colours or, on the contrary, well contrasted. Don’t you know which ones to opt for? Vary the colours according to the seasons! Make way for classic red and white for Christmas. In summer, you won’t get tired of bright colours. And why not pastel for spring?

Le Nail Art Bicolore

If you choose to dye your nails in two different colours, it is better to give preference to contrasting colours. A typical decoration in nail art is to paint a dark tint and paint the half-moon at the lowest of the nail a light colour. The contrast enhances the elegance of your hands. White, silver or even gold go very well with dark colors like black or blue and brighter colours like a vermilion red. For example, two-tone nail art can also decline from complementary colours: a dark blue embellished with a turquoise blue.

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Graduations In Nail Art

So more colours on one nail? It is quite possible to use, for example, the gradient. There are different techniques to do this. Whichever method you choose, pay close attention to the colours you will use. You will need three colours: a base colour and two others that come to mix. We choose a colour that we decline from lightest to darkest. It is always possible to dye each nail in a different shade. It is improved in this case to choose colours in the same tones. Blue, pink and purple will go well together, as will yellow, orange and red. The important thing to properly achieve its gradient is not mixing colours that do not match.

Choose A Colour Based On Season.

But some colours are more appropriate, contingent on the time of year. It can be fun to transition your polish colour choice with each new season.

Before the drop months, go for colours like grays, dark blues and purples, silvers, cherry shades, and burnt oranges.

  • So try greens, whites, light pinks, yellows, reds, and bright blues for the spring months.
  • Attempt deep purples, bright pinks, grays, and silvers for the winter.
  • Try shades like light pinks, greens, cheerful reds, corals, and light nude shades for the summer.

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