How To Prevent Hair Loss In Summer

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How To Prevent Hair Loss In Summer – In summer, external agents such as wind, chlorine, sea salt, sun, or heat can attack our scalp, destabilizing its natural protection. For this reason, during this time. Your hair needs more care and security, so it is necessary to prepare for the summer.

Here we respond to some of the most common questions:

How Can I Protect My Hair From The Sun?

Sun exposure has positive effects on our metabolism and psychological well-being. Although excessive or uncontrolled exposure can carry risks for our bodies. Therefore, it is crucial to be selective when exposing ourselves to the sun’s rays without protection.

We recommend protecting the hair from sun exposure. Especially if it is very intense (avoid midday hours) and if the duration of sun exposure is prolonged.

In the case of having short hair. We also recommend sun protection on the scalp to avoid burns in this area with such delicate skin. Although there are products on the market that help relieve these symptoms of itching and irritation.

No direct relationship between sun exposure and hair loss has l, but a direct connection between sun exposure and hair colour changes has. It is because the sun affects hair colour, whether natural or dyed.

How Does Chlorine From Swimming Pools Affect Hair?

Getting in and out of the pool doesn’t have the same effect on your hair as swimming and spending time in the water. In the first situation, the impact of chlorine and the pool water substances must remove with the shower water.

In the second case, keep in mind that chlorine can change the colour of the hair. Which is incredibly light colours. Therefore, we always recommend wearing a swimming cap and rinsing abundantly with water and neutral or mild soap to remove the substances from the pool water altogether.

What Is True About Hair Loss In Summer?

First, we want to deny that hair falls out more in summer since the excellent weather and the holidays are conducive and ideal to generate growth. It has that heat increases metabolic activity and promotes rapid hair growth.

Secondly, it has also that hair grows faster in summer even in people who are working all the time indoors. So it seems that the influence of vasodilation caused by heat would not be the responsible factor. In addition, another theory affects the production of steroid hormones and their relationship with hair loss depending on the seasonality of the weather.

In short, regardless of the hair type that a person has (okay, thick, curly hair, etc.). Hair loss is reduced in the hot months,  which coincide in Spain with the summer months.

You can consult with your pharmacist about the most suitable products to stop the fall and take care of it in summer.

Should I Avoid Using The Dryer?

The dryer is used in cold seasons to avoid going outside with wet hair and facing low temperatures, and, in summer. This situation is not necessary since the outside heat with damp hair does not cause discomfort.

However, if the dryer style the hair, it will also use for the same purpose in summer. For this reason. We are not bringing the dryer too close to the scalp so as not to increase its temperature or dehydrate it excessively.

Should I Cut My Hair After The Summer?

The objective of cutting the hair after the summer is to clean it up and eliminate the ends. Which is the part that has external aggressions for the longest time. Such as excessive sunstroke or baths in chlorinated water. We deny that the cut makes it grow faster—it known that shaving or shaving anywhere on the body does not influence hair growth or thickness.

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