Super Pretty Blonde Hair Colors You Have To Try Right Now

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Super Pretty Blonde Hair Colors You Have To Try Right Now – Although the old question of ‘Do blondes have more fun?’ will never have an answer, one thing is for sure: there are more blonde hair color options than ever before. Classic shades of blonde like platinum and honey have been joined by tons of trendy shades like Playboy blonde and champagne blonde. Giving all skin tones and hair colors a chance to light up.

During the pandemic, shades require less maintenance. Such as washed-out blonde, has become viral thanks to their lively feel and low maintenance. But as Gigi Hadid just proved, mega-shimmer hues are also making a comeback in the spotlight. Whatever your blonde ambition, we’ve spoken to the top colorists to find out what the most in-demand blonde hair colours are right now. Read on for his advice.

Hair Colors – Cool Blonde

Hair Colors  – This icy shade is as close as you can get to platinum without going. New York City hairstylist Lauren Grummel loves this colour for rosier skin as the freshness will help balance out any redness. However, she notes that this shade is a bit more challenging to achieve for natural brunettes, as you’ll need to lighten your base before applying more astonishing highlights, something to keep in mind.

Undone Blonde

Think of washed-out blonde more as a mindset than a specific shade. For you. It might mean ditching platinum for a more natural honey blonde, trying subtle highlights instead of a full foil, or even opting for a slightly darker shade of blonde. However, the look generally consists of a golden blonde that is easier to maintain with a darker root. Grummel loves to leave a bit of meat behind to add dimension and flexible growth. ‘I love it for its subtle contrast,’ she says. ‘Ask for more luminous ends, with dimension up to the middle of the length, less blonde at the roots, and always more luminous locks around the face.’

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Bright Lights

Try highlights in a super bright blonde shade if you have darker hair but want to go blonde. “It will still grow out well since it’s close to the root around the hairline and blends in with your natural colour elsewhere,” says Stephanie Brown, master colorist at IGK Salon Soho in New York.

Blond Playboy

“A nod to the ’90s, this cheerful blonde is attained with lots of highlights and left untoned for a slightly raw, bleached look,” says Smith. ‘Thanks to modern haircare. This colour can keep hair in tip-top condition, which is important to keep it looking like an intentional fashion choice. Ask your stylist for a head full of perfectly enhanced blonde highlights, bright enough to desaturate or tone with a diluted light toner.’ To keep hair strong and healthy, Metalworker recommends regularly using a treatment like K18 or Evo’s Mane Attention Protein Mask.

Pearl Blonde

“I love this look since it gives a slight shift in hue and iridescence to the platinum blonde trend,” says celebrity colorist Jeremy Tardo, who recommends this shade for anyone getting bored of platinum and still loves a super shade. So clear. Ask your stylist for an extra light blonde with pale yellow undertones. And emphasize that you don’t want anything too gray.

Baby Blonde

Not ready for total platinum? Give the baby blonde a chance. Ask for a warm, pale base colour with almost white highlights. Brown loves this colour because it is universally flattering. “Since this is a mix of warm and cool, it works well with all skin tones,” she says.

Champagne Blonde

Are they bored with fair-haired but not quite ready to dive into pink? The pale champagne colour is right in the middle and has an almost ethereal fairy tale vibe. “Blush shades added to light blonde or worn throughout for a twist on your signature look,” says Rex Jamieson. Colour educator and colorist at Maxine Salon. “It’s warm and cool, so it looks good on any skin tone.”

Royal Platinum

Even a few years after her debut. Zoë Kravitz’s platinum pixie continues to inspire, and her popularity doesn’t seem to be slowing down. “She’s so edgy but still elegant,” says Nine Zero One Salon hairstylist Anthony Holguin. “When you go platinum, make sure you go with someone who specializes in this, as this look is hard to pull off.” She recommends ordering pure white platinum over ash-toned platinum. Which can look too gray, and using Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 and a colour-correcting purple shampoo, along with a colour-correcting purple shampoo. These hair care tips are loved by those with platinum hair.