Gel Nails: Find Out If This Manicure Technique Is For You

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Acrylic Nails And Gel Nails –  Find Out If This Manicure Technique Is For You – Are you thinking of trying gel nails and having a sea of ​​doubts? We tell you all you need to see about the many celebrities’ manicure techniques.

Gel Nails Find Manicure Technique – Suppose you always like to have impeccable nails, surely more than once, you have asked yourself if it is better to wear your natural pin or if, Gel Nails Find Manicure Technique, on the contrary, you would be interested in resorting to gel nails. In addition to being very fashionable, they admit a lot of designs and allow you to mold the shape and length of your nail as you wish. But are you sure this technique is proper for you? We express all the secrets of this type of manicure to make the most appropriate decision.

What Are Gel Nails?

Gel nails are artificial nails with a supernatural look. It is a prosthesis for nails created from a special gel molded on the natural nail. It is applied with a brush and developed until the desired shape. Once this small “work of art” is finished, they are to dry under an ultraviolet lamp to harden and, later, proceed to enamel or decorate as desired.

How Long Can You Have Gel Nails?

The duration of gel nails depends on each person, their nail’s growth rate, the care they give to their hands, and the material used. In general, this manicure technique usually lasts approximately three weeks. To fill in the expanding nail area, you must visit the manicure center after this stage.

What Is Needed To Apply Gel Nails?

For the gel pins, it is necessary to prepare the nail base. Then, a gel is applied, which is modeled and then “cured” (drying) under an ultraviolet or LED lamp. In this process, we will need several elements:

  • A cuticle pusher or orange stick
  • PH stabilizer
  • nail primer
  • Nail mold or tips
  • Gel base coat or base coat
  • Capa superior o top coat

Step By Step Gel Nails

If you are going to put on your gel nails, you should go easy. The initial process can take about two hours (an hour and a half if you’re just “filling in” the growth line). These are the steps to follow to do it:

  • Prepare the nail. This step is critical. You have to trim the nail, file it, remove the polish if worn. You have to leave a perfect “canvas” on which to work.
  • Apply foundation. The base gel as you would with regular nail polish.
  • Place the mold. This step gives the desired shape to the nails.
  • Spread the builder gel. The first coat must be thin and covered from root to tip.
  • Dry off. The gel nails stood brought closer to the drying lamp.
  • Polish and touch up. The edges and the remains are. The final touch-up is by the last layer of specific finishing gel.
  • Enamel. Once the process, the nails.

How To Maintain Gel Nails

It is essential to take care of gel nails to keep them well and always look perfect; it is advisable to go to the manicure salon every three weeks to fill them and avoid unsightly gaps.

If you decide to take them off, you will have to file the gel with a drill. It is not high that you do it on your own. Go to your trusted professional to not damage your nails or the skin surrounding them.

Gel Nail Designs

Do you need inspiration? Here we show you manicures for all tastes that you will surely love. Which is your favorite?

Red Gel Nails

An infallible classic: red. This manicure is a sure bet! In addition, this color brings a lot of strength to your looks and lifts your spirits. It doesn’t substance what season it is, what mood you’re in, whether you dress casually or like to be more elegant…

Gel Nails With Hearts

If you are a hopeless romantic, this design will instantly fall in love with you. It is simple, elegant, and original in equal parts. Apply a discreet nail polish at the base and paint a few tiny hearts in the center of the nail. You have the option to distribute the seats on all the pins, alternate them or leave them only on one.

Gel Nails With Rhinestone Dots

What if you sprinkle a few rhinestones on your nails? If you add the finish of a French manicure to this gesture of glamour, elegance is assured. A great success, especially if you have a party or event insight.

Short Gel Nails With Mirror Effect

Often, gel nails are related to long nails, which is not the case. You can also “style” or rebuild a short tack to make it prettier than the original. Later, you can decorate it with a single tone or play with such unique designs as this “mirror powder” ideal for dark colors.

Gel Nails With Psychedelic Waves

Waves just worn in your hair… they jump onto your nails too! And they fit exceptionally well. You can choose to wear the same design on nails or play waves and shapes on each. The effect is incredible!

Plant-Inspired Gel Nails

Flowers and plant motifs never go out of style. Season after season, they reinvent themselves to reconcile our hands with nature. A few black corsages on light background usually work and are super elegant.

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