Four Top-Level Manicures!

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Four top-level manicures! – The madness of the varnish obliges the institutes to compete with ingenuity. Long-lasting, exotic or personalized, these techniques will amaze you.

Top-Level Manicures – Champion Of Opi Color Gel Duration

Top-Level Manicures – Super-alternative to false nails, this application of ultra-resistant varnish on natural nails only takes 30 minutes and lasts two to three weeks without damage—a godsend for those who want to stop biting their nails or who want to be always impeccable. About fifty colours are available, and the result is beautiful if you choose red or dark tones. To “erase” it later on your own at home. First, heat a bowl of water in the microwave. Then place over another bowl filled with a solvent with acetone to heat it in a bain-marie. Soak your fingers for a quarter of an hour, and you’re done.


Brazilian Expert Manicure from Manucurist, €35.
The hands slipped into disposable plastic gloves impregnated with cream; then, the nails were unevenly brushed with varnish before being “corrected” with a stick impregnated with solvent. The technique is playful, and the pin is perfectly lacquered, even on the edges. So you can take the opportunity to treat yourself to the Balbcare Manicure kit, €4.90, with a pair of gloves, file and stick to redo your treatment later at home.

Creative And Bespoke

Art Nail at the Carlota Institute, €70.
After filing and applying a nude layer, we print the visual of your choice on your nails, chosen from the house proposals or downloaded from your USB key. Great for matching your nails perfectly with the print or lace of your dress or displaying photos of everyone you love on your ten fingers, from your man to your niece’s hamster.


Nails Bar by Revlon, at the Pure Soi’e institute.
The inventor of coloured nail polish finally finds a place. We take the opportunity to claim the sublime red N ° 22 All Fired Up from the last advertising campaign with Jessica Biel. 14 € for the simple varnish application; €24 for a Chrono manicure (20 min); €47 for a complete hand beauty treatment (45 min). Find out more: 01 58 36 03 96.

The Most Stylish Nail Shape

I am finished with the American square. Slightly rounded at the edges, the nail is more natural. It extends a few millimetres only, to slightly exceed the tip of the finger, but never more so as not to look like a claw. Note: the somewhat retro almond design is on the rise.

The Trick At Home

New reflex: apply a unique formula to regulate the nail’s pH and amplify the varnish’s hold under the base. It is especially essential for sweaty hands whose acid nails tend to make the hairspray “bubble.” Chip Skip At OPI, €19, or Primetime, in the Mani Mini Treatment Trio kit at Orly, €19.
Otherwise, soak a cotton ball in alcohol to degrease the nail.