Know The Muscle Groups And How To Work Them. Part 1

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Know The Muscle Groups And How To Work Them. Part 1 – Today’s blog post aims to be the first guide to learn about the main muscle groups that make up the human body, their main characteristics and how to work and strengthen them optimally and safely. We will also highlight those specific gym machines to perform each of them in the most precise and effective way possible.


The biceps are muscles located in the upper part of the arm and consist of two portions, one long and one short, hence its name. Perhaps the most famous power mainly allows us to flex the elbow and supinate the forearm. Strengthening it with the triceps (its antagonistic muscle) will give our arms a solid and attractive appearance.

Some of the biceps exercises that we highlight are the following:

Biceps With Bodytone Compact

The BodyTone Compact is an ideal gym machine to work and strengthen your biceps properly. Being a guided machine allows us to control the technique and thus avoid suffering injuries when performing the exercise.

Know The Muscle Groups And How To Work Them. Part 1 (1)

Biceps On Pulley Machine

Another way to work the biceps safely and effectively is through this pulley machine, with which we can also perform exercises to strengthen the triceps.


Know The Muscle Groups – For the shoulder workout, we’ll focus on the deltoid muscle. This muscle resembles the Greek letter delta; it is triangular and extends between the shoulder blade and the clavicle, covering the glenohumeral joint. The deltoid is a muscle that we should not neglect since it is involved in many movements.


Two good options for working. The deltoids through flyes with top-of-the-line selectorized machines like the Bodytone Evolution or Hammer Strength.

Dumbbell Arnold Press

Another good way to work the deltoids is with this exercise. It consists of sitting on a bench supporting your back and holding a dumbbell in each hand. You have to raise the weights to the height of the chin so that we leave the palms of the hands towards the torso and then turn the palms out while slowly extending the arms.


Another highly coveted muscle group in our goal of achieving a fit body is undoubtedly the abdominal muscles. It is not a secret that was showing off a good six pack is the goal of many when it comes to training.

The abdominal muscles are as follows: internal oblique, rectus abdominis, transversus abdominis, and external oblique.

There is the infinity of exercises to work them either in an isometric, oppressive or traditional way. Some of them are the front and side plank, reverse crunch, bicycle crunch, side crunch, V-ups, or scissors.

Getting hold of an abdominal bench with various work positions like Gym Company offered will allow us to work for this muscle group more effectively. We can introduce different types of exercises to our training sessions. In addition, the value for money of the product is excellent.


The triceps are the most significant muscle in the arm; they are located on the back of the humerus and made up of 3 heads (hence its name) called medialis, vastus lateralis and extended portion. As we have mentioned before, the antagonist muscle of the biceps and strengthening both will make us look powerful and attractive arms.

There are many ways to develop the triceps, a couple of examples with gym machines are as follows:

Parallel Funds

This compound exercise develops the triceps and engages chest and shoulder muscles.

We can do it with specific machines like this one.

The execution follows: we rest our hands on the armrests and raise the body by taking our feet off the ground. Next, we will begin the movement with the legs in the air, the feet crossed, and the trunk slightly tilted forward. When inhaling, we flex the elbows, lower the chest to the bars’ level, and extend the arms to the initial position when exhaling. Keeping the legs and trunk immobile is essential, with only the components performing the exercise.

Triceps On Pulley Machine

Know The Muscle Groups – This gym machine is designed to perform biceps and triceps exercises effectively.

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