Three Exercises To Lift Droopy Eyelids That Are Better Than Makeup

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Three Exercises To Lift Droopy Eyelids That Are Better Than Makeup – Just as facial training exists, exercises to lift droopy eyelids are a reality. And it is that although many like this distinctive feature on their face that softens the expression, for others, drooping eyelids are an aspect that minimizes and fatigues the gaze, so they seek to improve their appearance with non-invasive solutions such as creams, makeup, and, of course, massages and key moves!

Which ones are the best? We investigated and found a routine by Daniela Toro. An expert at Fisio Online, who explains some of the best exercises to lift droopy eyelids that you should try. Before doing them, make sure you wash your face well and apply a cream or oil so that your fingers slide nicely and, now yes, you’re ready!

Brow Lift

Sit in a comfortable home with your back straight and your eyes facing forward, and then bring your hands to your head. Forming a ‘V.’ The ring finger will go on the droopy eyelid. It is the only one that will have movement. While the upper fingers will remain firm on the forehead so that there is no mobility in this part of the face (here, the little finger goes out into the open and does not touch the forehead). Expensive).

When you have this position, raise your eyebrows with the help of your ring fingers. Look up at the ceiling. Slowly close your eyes, open and close them again, and hold the position for 15 seconds. You will repeat one more time, always keeping your gaze up and closing your eyes to activate the muscle.

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V On The Eyelids

Make a ‘V’ with the fingers of each hand and bring it up to the eye so that the middle finger placed on the tear duct and the index finger on the outer corner.¬†Immediately close your eyes and look up to the right side and to the left (without gesturing with your forehead).¬†Repeat until you complete 20 seconds, rest and do one more series of movements.

Piano Movement

Place your right hand above your head so that the tips of your fingers reach your drooping eyelids. Now, gently and with your eyes closed. Stretch the skin upwards by moving your fingers as if playing the piano, and extend the massage from the eyebrow to the scalp. According to the specialists at Fisio Online, these movements must be rhythmic, deep, painless and done three times a week.

TIP G: remember that any massage or movement you do should always be in an upward direction so that the skin of the eyelids does not ‘fall’ anymore.

Finally, and as the channel’s expert said, consistency when practicing these exercises to lift droopy eyelids is essential. If you follow the instructions, you can start to see results from week three, reflected in a fresher and more rested look. But, of course, without forgetting other habits to take care of droopy eyelids. Such as a complete facial routine, optimal rest and a balanced diet. Did you take note of everything?

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