Curly Hair Care Guide

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Curly Hair Care Guide – Long curly hair causes delight and admiration among others, but only the owners of this type of hair know how difficult it is to care for them. Compared to straight ones, they do not fit well get very tangled and fluffy. It is useless to straighten them in rainy weather because curly hair still loses its shape and begins to curl after a while. Today we will talk about the top features of curly hair and the means without which primary care for them is unthinkable.

How Is Curly Hair Different From Straight Hair?

The tighter the curve. The more curly the hair. If we look at a curly hair under a microscope, we will see that its bulb has the appearance of a comma, and the hair shaft bends, leaving a large number of keratin scales uncovered.  Due to this structure, curly hair is more porous, quickly loses moisture, and poorly retains nutrients from masks and other products. In addition, if straight hair is in contact with each other to a minimum, then curly hair constantly clings to each other, which leads to brittleness and split ends. Therefore, care for them is reduced to maximum hydration.

Shampoo for curly and curly hair should be not only moisturizing but ideally also sulfate-free. Products containing sulfates can dry out your hair. If oily or normal hair can put up with this, curly hair will begin to fluff more. Therefore, choose a shampoo specifically designed for curly hair or moisturizing, smoothing lines.

Shampoos And Conditioners For Curly Hair Aromas Curl And Smooth

Aromas Curl shampoo combines revitalizing and moisturizing properties. It gently cleanses, moisturizes, and removes the static inherent in curly hair.

Aromas Smooth Shampoo makes it easy if your goal is to straighten your hair with a blow dryer or flat iron. It will moisturize, smooth out fluffy curls, and make it easier to style them.

Be sure to apply conditioner at the end of your wash. There will be no extra moisturizing or smoothing effect from one shampoo – it needs a couple in the form of an appropriate conditioner. It will nourish the curls with all the necessary trace elements, “seal” the cuticle and retain moisture in the hair until the next wash.

Moisturizer Aromas Curl

Aromas Curl Leave-in Cream is suitable for curly hair, naturally more porous and coarse in structure. It softens, moisturizes, and enhances hair shine due to argan oil and sweet almonds. It is easier to comb your hair with it, and in addition, it will serve as thermal protection when blow-drying.

Beauty tip: If your hair becomes very electrified and frizzy during the day, wet your palms and take a drop of moisturizer. Rub in your hands and walk through the curls. Then, give the curls the desired shape with your fingers, separating one strand from the other. So you remove the static, and the hairstyle will look much neater.

Cream For Creating Curls Nak Curls

This cream is for coiled hair, hard to the touch, and difficult to style. It has a bright, creamy gel texture that allows you to highlight and emphasize beautiful, natural curls. The cream does not overload or stick together coils with a medium hold while maintaining flexibility and mobility. As a bonus – lively and pleasant shine during the day.

Cream For Creating Curls O’right Curl

Styling cream from Taiwanese eco-brand O’right is suitable for all types of coiled hair, including chemically curled. It removes fluffiness forms curls well while not weighing down the hair – the rings look natural and shiny. Of all the products presented here, the cream has the highest degree of fixation. If you use it on wet hair, you can easily make surf-style styling (damp hair). Another advantage of the cream is that it contains more than 80% natural ingredients, and there are no formaldehyde, dyes, and other chemicals that damage the hair.

Beauty tip:  Styling cream can dilute with hair oil or moisturizer from the list above. This combination of different tools will enhance or change the properties of each product and achieve a new texture. For example, adding a couple of drops of O’right oil to O’right Curl will improve the shine of curls and make them softer to the touch.

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