8 Hairstyles With Braids In Trend To Look Fresh

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8 Hairstyles With Braids In Trend To Look Fresh And Groomed In Spring – The most trendy braided hairstyles will speak of originality and rebellion this year, breaking with the romantic aura that usually defines them. Yes! Surprisingly, now this immovable spring classic will flaunt its versatility, saying yes to specific daring and even retro touches, reinventing itself under the most remarkable trends of the moment.

8 Hairstyles With Braids – Loose or up, on short or long hair, no matter how you wear them; these braided hairstyles will be your best choice to seize the season in style!

Triple Boxer Braids

If you love the famous boxer braids, wait until you try their perfect triple version! This styling combines different types of braids of different thicknesses and textures to emphasize the classic boxer braids further. The incredible object about this look is that it is not only completely original, it is also practical and very lucid.

Bubble Braid

Among the most popular braided hairstyles of spring. The famous bubble braids once again claim the throne as one of the season’s favourite looks. However, this year they return with great force thanks to eye-catching accessories (such as ribbons, coloured garters and decorations) and with a retro touch and even with trendy finishes such as the wet look.

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Sleek Elevated Braid

When it comes to practical, easy and quick hairstyles, raised braids are the best bet. These are highly versatile because, thanks to their sober and neat finish, they adapted to both the best office looks and worn on an afternoon with friends, requiring a much more sophisticated hairstyle. Chiara Ferragni teaches us how to wear it with maximum style!

Half Braids

If you think that long, dense hair is not possible when wearing braided hairstyles, this look will prove you wrong. And is that by braiding only in the upper area. Letting the texture and length of the rest of your hair shine. These half braids are a sure bet to attract attention.

Baby Braids

With a retro essence. The famous baby braids return to prominence in the middle of 2022 as one of the hairstyles of the 2000s that are making a solid comeback this year. These are by framing the face like a fringe, hand in hand with two tiny well-defined braids. Of course, the best object is that you can wear them with hair up and down this season alike.

Mini Pig Tails

Just like two raised half-ponies. Braided mini pigtails are the best way to reinvent this look. Which will inevitably remind you of the collegiate looks of the late ’90s and early ’00s: on-trend accessories or a watery finish or even baby hairs for the perfect contemporary twist.

With Volume And Line In The Middle

Without hesitation, this is one of the most classic braided hairstyles and one of the most versatile and flattering. And it is that its practicality and sober appearance are the main qualities for which it has become one of the traditional styles that never go out of style or lose validity regardless of the season.

Loose With Mini Braids

Now that the Y2K aesthetic is back. Hairstyles with baby braids and loose hair are a winning bet if you’re looking to show off your hair. It is a perfect alternative. Mainly to show off layered cuts while adding some practicality to your look, as it will keep the hair away from the face.


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