How Not To Kill Your Hair In The Heat

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How Not To Kill Your Hair In The Heat: Tips From A Consultant Trichologist – On the one hand, walking under the sun is helpful because ultraviolet helps our body synthesize vitamin D. On the other hand, the scorching sun dries out the hair, turning it into the straw. Ultraviolet destroys the pigment, causing the hair to lose shine and fade. It’s good that this can! Beauty expert, trichologist-consultant Anna Portkova told what can and cannot do with hair in the summer

Wash Your Hair As It Gets Dirty, Smooth If You Have To Do It Every Day

Logically, in the summer we sweat more, so we have to wash our hair more often. Otherwise, dirt and dust will accumulate on the skin and clog pores, eventually leading to hair thinning and hair loss. If you touch that your hair has become greasy, you should wash it. How often? If necessary, then at least twice a day.

Shampoo should be “mild”: suitable for frequent washing, does not disturb the scalp’s pH, does not contain silicones and aggressive surfactants. Washing water should be warm, not hot. Hot provokes hypersecretion of the sebaceous glands.

I recommend using O’right Hinoki Scalp Scrub at least once a week. For those with oily hair or dandruff, it works by analogy with facial scrubs and peels – due to abrasive particles, it is much more effective than shampoo. It removes dead skin cells and dust, styling residues, and excess sebum. The skin begins to breathe; the hair grows faster and less dirty.

In The Summer, Enter Into The Care Of Moisturizing Masks

The sun deprives hair of moisture, which is very important for their health. Therefore, it is essential to make moisturizing masks in the summer.  My favorites are O’right’s Bambmook Hydrating Mask and Aromas Hydra Therapy with Argan Oil.

Always Apply A Uv Protection Spray Before Going Outside.

Ultraviolet light gradually destroys the keratin that makes up the hair and melanin, the pigment responsible for hair color. It leads to split ends and the appearance of burnt strands. Therefore, before going outside, apply a spray with UV protection, such as “Color Repair and Protection, “to damp, washed hair. Don’t wash it off! Due to UVA & UVB filters, this product reliably protects the hair from all external influences until the next shampooing.

Be Sure To Wear A Hat Below The Scorching Sun

Whether you’re going to be on the beach or spending a lot of time in the sun, wearing a hat is not only a fashion accessory but also essential hair protection. It is better to remove the headgear in a room or transport so that the head “breathes.”

Use A Heat Protectant When Drying Your Hair In Any Weather.

An excellent thermal protective spray is not just a marketing ploy. It does contain polymers that will evaporate under the action of hot air, thereby removing the temperature from the hair.

For those who do not believe in the action of thermal protection, I suggest doing a little test at home! Apply heat protection to one palm, do not apply anything to the other, and have someone blow a hot air dryer on your hands. The palm without thermal protection pulls up almost immediately, but the palm with thermal protection can hold for some time under hot air.

My favorite product is NAK dry thermal protection. I love her because she is light, without the hold, and does not overweight the hair, but at the same time, they work great.

Always Rinse-Off Sea Salt – Kill Your Hair In Heat

After every swim in the sea, rinse your hair with clean freshwater to wash away any salt residue. Sea Salt – Acts like a prism or magnifying glass, multiplying sun damage. Kill Your Hair In Heat.

Do Not Use Pure Base Oils And Clarifying Sprays.

Many essential and carrier oils increase skin sensitivity to UV radiation. Therefore, do not apply them to your hair before going out in the sun. It is better to use unique cosmetics such as Aromas Argan Oil and O’right Rose Oil.

Also, do not indulge in “natural” clarifying sprays for the effect of burnt hair. They can make based on aloe juice, chamomile extract, and other plants, but the principle of their action will be the same. Under the influence of the sun, they will work as a bleaching powder, and in the end, you will get blond, terribly dry hair.

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