Double Cleansing: steps of a correct Facial Hygiene

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Double Cleansing: steps of a correct Facial Hygiene – Over the years, the needs of our skin change: in the adolescent stage and up to 35 years of age, our skin tends to be thicker, firmer, and, in many cases, with greater hydration. After 40, our skin loses much of its elasticity, and firmness, and oils become much thinner and more prone to dehydration.

A straightforward routine to follow that is a fundamental factor in preventing premature skin aging is daily Cleansing of our face. Of course, not all skins are similar, and not all need the same products. However, we must never forget to cleanse correctly according to our needs and the products we have previously applied or applied later (makeup, suntan lotion, sun protection, etc.). Also, moisturizers, oils, masks, etc.).

Why Should We Wash Our Face?

Cleaning helps the skin wake up and removes all the dirt, oil and unwanted debris accumulated on the skin from direct contact with the environment. In addition, our face gets toxins and dead cells on its surface, so it is necessary to eliminate them to allow it to oxygenate and regenerate properly. If we don’t, our pores become clogged, and blackheads and pimples appear, leading to more specific problems such as cystic pimples, dilated pores, or sebaceous cysts. In addition, they increase the chances of allergies and rashes .on the skin; in the same way, that layer of dirt does not allow the skin to absorb the products that we apply effectively.

A complexion that is not regularly cleaned is prone to disease and premature aging.

Day Cleaning

Our body perspires up to 40% more than during the day at night. Therefore, it is essential to cleanse the skin when we get up to refresh it and free it of said sweat, excess sebum and dead cells that have regenerated overnight to make way for new cells.

In addition, it prepares the skin adequately for the correct absorption of the benefits of the creams that we apply later.

Night Cleaning

At night our skin regenerates; it is a scientific fact. With a correct night routine, our skin breathes, avoiding premature aging, facilitating its oxygenation and increasing the effectiveness of the applied treatments.

What Is Double Cleansing? Is It Washing Your Face Twice?

No, double Cleansing does not mean washing your face twice.

Double Cleansing is a facial cleansing routine consisting of two cleansing steps: the effective removal of makeup and the skin’s Cleansing.

We have to bear in mind that makeup acts as a barrier on our skin. Which hinders the natural sweat of skin cells (no matter how much the brands sell us that the skin continues to sweat and does not clog the pores). So nothing more When we get home, or before going to bed. We have to clean our skin correctly and thus let it breathe so that it can carry out the renewal and regeneration processes correctly.

It is worth mentioning that if we do not use any makeup throughout our day. It is not necessary to double cleanse. Washing our face correctly with a suitable cleanser is enough.

Steps Of An Effective Double Cleaning


Normally, makeup is oily, greasy, and waterproof. Therefore, we need a product that contains active ingredients that effectively break down said makeup without irritating or damaging the skin. 

EYES: The first step is to remove eye makeup and mascara. Use ophthalmologically tested products and do not use the same cotton for both eyes as you could unintentionally spread a possible infection from one eye to the other.

Soak a cotton ball, place it on the closed eye and press gently for 10 seconds. You will see how eye shadows, eyeliner and mascara are gently and effectively removed; make movements from top to bottom and do not hesitate to use several kinds of cotton. Repeat the operation with new cotton in the other eye.

LIPS: remove traces of cocoa cream, dirt, lipstick or lipstick previously in the same way as the eyes.

Soak a cotton ball and gently remove the remains of lipstick or other products from the lips.


Fundamental preliminary step, clean your hands with soap, rinse them and dry them (the latter is optional). Your hands are the tool you will use in your cleaning routine. And they must be clean before coming into contact with your face.

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There is a greater concentration of makeup: primers, liquid makeup, powder, eyebrow pencil, bronzer, blush, illuminator, makeup fixing spray… Therefore, doing it correctly is essential to avoid “removing” the makeup all over the face. Oil-based makeup removers on the market are used on a dry face and then rinsed off with water. And water-based makeup removers are used on a previously moistened face. Depending on your choice, you must wet your face or not beforehand.


In case you do not wear makeup, the cleaning routine is the same in both cases. Once our face is free of makeup, we must clean it with soaps free of sulphates. Alcohols and active ingredients that can damage the skin or dehydrate it. We seek to remove and clean the skin without affecting its cellular structure. As we mentioned in point 3. Cleansers on the market are applied on a dry face and then washed off with water. And others are used on a previously moistened face. Depending on your choice, you must wet your face or not beforehand.

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