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Cream Skin Trend – Some time ago, we wrote about the popular global trend of Glass skin. Girls worldwide have tried to achieve the notorious effect of “glass skin” – flawlessly even, crystal clear. And radiant, which seems to imitate a mirror surface. It took a lot of effort, time, and money to achieve this look. Layering various cosmetic products on top of each other in a particular order, or even mixing them before applying.

Everyone Liked This Procedure

Of course, not everyone liked this procedure: someone did not want to spend too much time on daily skin care. Someone did not want or was not able to regularly purchase and update a whole series of bottles and jars. And some even protested against such an idea, guided by concern for the environment: after all. First all these funds need to produced and delivered to the buyer. Spending precious natural resources, and after the end of use. All these numerous empty packages fly into the trash, multiplying its already massive blockages on the planet. Luckily, it looks like the “era of crazy consumption” is  by new trends that combine ease of use. Efficiency, and minimization of harm to our environment. And today, we will talk about one of these trends – Cream Skin.

How The Cream Skin Trend Was Born

This trend owes its appearance to Charlotte Cho, the founder of the cosmetic brand Soko Glam and the author of the sensational bestseller Korean Beauty Secrets. Let’s dive into history a bit: a Korean by nationality, Charlotte was born and raised in the United States, where, like all the other young girls around, she managed with a minimum of cosmetics. As she got older. Charlotte moved to South Korea and was amazed at how carefully her new friends took care of their skin. Learning the art from an early age. Starting to learn their secrets, Charlotte got so carried away that she opened an online cosmetics store after a while. Underwent additional training as a beautician, and even founded her cosmetic brand.

Cream Skin Trend

Cream Skin Trend –  Thus, returning to America, Charlotte became a kind of “bridge” from Korea to the Western world, starting to massively introduce all the girls to the intricacies of the so-called “K-Beauty.” Thanks to her, many at one time learned about the very Glass Skin trend – and, ironically. She was the first to call for sending the “glass skin” into the past. Since the time had come for a new ritual – simple ‘concise and at the same time no less effective, which, moreover, will save your budget and save natural resources.

What Does The Name Cream Skin Mean?

By analogy with “glass skin,” many people think that Cream skin translates as “cream skin.” Indeed, the effect of Cream Skin can described as a skin that has recently a moisturizer. And he has not had time to absorb fully. However, in reality, Cream Skin does not affect the skin but is a particular cosmetic product.

You have probably noticed that many Korean toners are labeled with skin instead of toner on the packaging. This means that this product is not for the final cleansing and balancing of the skin but rather as the first step of softening and moisturizing. With such means, it is  not to wipe the skin with a cotton pad, but pour a little into the palm of your hand and apply to the skin with patting movements until completely absorbed. Accordingly, we can now translate the phrase Cream Skin – a “cream toner,” whose texture does not resemble water but rather gentle light milk.

Benefits Of Cream Skin

  • Cream tones are suitable for any skin type. So, oily skin, which can “suffocate” and produce even more sebum under a regular cream, will undoubtedly like the light texture of such a toner, which does not remain on the skin’s surface but is absorbed almost instantly. On the other hand, cream toners will “please” dry skin with additional moisture.
  • Conveniently, the creamy toner can applied to the skin more than once in a row if you feel the need for additional moisture. If desired. You can even make a mask out of cream toner – soak cosmetic discs or a blank for a fabric mask with the product and apply them on your face for 15-20 minutes.
  • Travel enthusiasts will also appreciate the convenience of cream toner because now you can take just one bottle with you and save precious space in your suitcase.
  • Cream toner will be a lifesaver for anyone who wants to reduce the consumption of cosmetics for one reason or another. It will free up your time, money, and space in your home.
  • A simple two-step ritual consisting of just cleansing and applying a cream toner is an excellent start for very young girls who are just starting to get acquainted with the art of skincare.

How To Find And Choose The Perfect Creamy Toner

The easiest way to purchase a product is marked Cream Skin – these are now actively appearing on the cosmetic market. But it is not at all necessary to limit yourself to such a narrow circle of new products – after all, toners. Lotions and emulsions with a soft “milky” texture have been in the assortment of many brands for a long time, and you can choose a product with your favorite fragrance or active ingredient. Here are just a few of them:

Elizavecca Hwa Yu Hong Flower Essence Lotion

Elizavecca Hwa Yu Hong Flower Essence Lotion is a softening facial lotion with a floral complex. Despite the rich composition, it has an incredibly light milky texture, perfectly distributed over the skin. And does not cause an unpleasant sticky feeling. Shea butter in the lotion nourishes and softens the skin. Flower extracts saturate it with vitamins and improve complexion, niacinamide brightens and fights pigmentation, collagen actively moisturizes, and aloe extract soothes and gives comfort. This product is suitable for any skin type.

Etude House Honey Cera Tone

Etude House Honey Cera Toner nourishes toner with an irresistible honey scent. This critical component in its composition effectively soothes problematic and irritated skin due to its potent anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. In addition, honey makes the skin soft and has a beneficial effect on texture irregularities, whether peeling or wrinkles. And ceramides and royal jelly in the composition complement the action of honey, deeply moisturizing the skin and restoring the average hydro-lipid balance.

Ciracle Radiance Whitening Water Lotion

Ciracle Radiance Whitening Water Lotion is a lightweight lotion infused with a complex of herbs and oils. It restores the health and elasticity of the skin. Normalizes the microflora, and has an antibacterial effect: castor oil fights the growth of pathogenic bacteria and viruses. And sunflower oil softens, nourishes, and moisturizes the skin. In addition. The citric acid in the lotion evens out skin tone, reducing the appearance of freckles and age spots, and giving the skin freshness.

Etude House Soon Jung 10-Free Moist Emulsion

Etude House Soon Jung 10-Free Moist Emulsion is a hydrating emulsion with a soft. Weightless texture that feels like liquid milk.  Thanks to this composition. This emulsion is ideal for skin weakened by the daily negative effects of the environment (and in cities, alas, it is most often the case these days). For emulated with 93% natural ingredients. It is formulated without ten of the world’s most commonly used elements with potential adverse effects (hence the name 10-Free). Panthensoside Complex of Panthenol and Madecassoside accelerates skin healing and soothes skin while plumping and firming skin. At the same time, Dust Cut Complex combats signs of environmental stress to soften rough skin and soothe irritation.

Meishoku Hyalcollabo Milky Lotion

Meishoku Hyalcollaba Milky Lotion is a Japanese remedy but no less suitable for the Cream Skin philosophy. This profoundly moisturizing milk contains two active ingredients – nano collagen and nano hyaluronic acid. The particles of which are tens of times smaller than usual, which allows them to penetrate as deeply as possible into skin cells and have an intense effect.  In addition to them, the composition includes silver willow bark extract. Which improves the supply of oxygen to skin cells, which is also important for its health and normal functioning. In this combination. These two vital components of our skin deeply moisturize and actively tighten the skin, perfectly complementing each other.

Cream Skin is not the first well-known trend from South Korea, but, unlike the trends of yesteryear. It is light and minimalistic. And it’s not at all necessary to give up all your favorite cosmetic products if you are not ready for this – try to arrange a little “beauty unloading” for your skin from time to time with this as simple as possible. But no less pleasant ritual.

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