5 Main Secrets of Healthy and Beautiful Hair

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Even naturally silky curls need care. After all, every day they are exposed to tests. The weather vagaries, stress, ecological situation – all this affects the health of hair, and hair styling and coloring only worsen the situation.

Of course, there’s no point in locking yourself away at home or giving up your favorite hairstyle. Even the dull curls can be brought back to life through proper care. These 5 simple secrets will help you get your hair in order.

Watch Your Diet

If your locks are losing their attractiveness, it’s worth working on your diet. Healthy hair requires building blocks of protein, unsaturated fats for nourishment and elasticity, vitamins from almost every group (A, B, C, D, E), and zinc, potassium, and iron. It’s important to make sure that all of these elements are on your plate.

In the diet, it’s desirable to focus on eggs, nuts, fish, dairy products, berries, fruits and herbs. But it’s better to give up alcohol, foods with high sugar content and caffeine. They are poor in composition and interfere with the absorption of useful substances. And to avoid overeating, it’s better not to have a meal while watching TV, playing at, or chatting on Instagram.

Control the Deficiencies in Your Body

Hair loss or hair breakage are often an indication of internal problems. When the immune system is weakened or there is an inflammatory process, nutrients designed for luxurious curls will be directed to fight the ailment.

Therefore, after adjusting the diet, it’s recommended to do a little medical examination. A basic set of tests and consultations with specialists will help identify the true cause of hair problems.

Choose Quality Products

Quite often, hair problems arise from improper care. Shampoo can have a high or low pH, and this can cause the hair to split or become dull. Some products contain aggressive sulfates, which irritate the scalp.

Use Everything Wisely

Shampoo and conditioner are basic products. But they may not be enough for beautiful and well-groomed hair. Masks, sprays, dry shampoos, and styling products can help. There are also nuances in their application:

  • The mask should be applied before the balm. The latter leaves a protective film on the hair, it will prevent the penetration of nutrients.
  • Heat protection is an obligatory step before styling and even drying with a hair dryer. The hair structure is quickly destroyed by high temperatures, so it’s important to create a protective veil around the curls. Hair products need to be able to withstand extreme temperatures.
  • Dry shampoo doesn’t eliminate, but only masks impurities. In the evening, it’s still necessary to wash it off, otherwise the product will clog pores. The brand offers several products at once: to make hair manageable, to increase volume and shine.

Wash and Comb Your Hair Properly

Getting the most out of these products is easy when you know how to use them correctly. There are a few rules when it comes to washing your hair:

  • Comb your hair before the procedure. This way you will prevent tangles of wet curls.
  • Warm water is best for washing. Too hot water dehydrates the skin, and cold water reduces the volume.
  • Shampoo should preferably be applied to the roots. This is where all the grease and dirt accumulates.
  • There is no need to wrinkle or rub too much. When they are wet, they are especially vulnerable. It’s enough to lightly foam the product and distribute it on the scalp massage movements.
  • Balm, on the contrary, should be applied along the entire length, departing from the roots by 3-4 cm.
  • At the end of the procedure, it’s better to blot lightly with a towel. Active rubbing also traumatizes them.
  • It’s better to comb clean locks after they are completely dry. You should move from bottom to top, gently untangling the strands.

Since shampoo and balm are applied to different parts, you need to choose them for specific tasks. When searching for a shampoo is better guided by the scalp: whether it’s prone to greasiness, whether it’s sensitive, whether it needs extra nourishment. Balm should be chosen by hair type.