Beauty Secrets For Faster Hair Growth – 2023

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Beauty Secrets For Faster Hair Growth – From time to time, a change of style does not feel bad, but if it is about leaving your hair long, waiting for it to gain centimeters can seem like an eternity unless we use these tricks to make hair grow faster.

Every process takes time, and you have to be patient, but in order not to despair in the attempt, we will give you the five definitive tricks on making hair grow faster, and the results arrive sooner.

The Best Tricks To Grow Hair Faster

Extension. Hair grows on average about 13 centimeters a year. It is not an alarming figure, but to speed up its growth and, in addition, make it grow much more robust and healthier, something essential if we want to show off a well-groomed and full of life hair, there are some beauty tips that you cannot miss and that we break down below.

The main wiles to make hair grow faster are:

  • Dry and brush the hair carefully
  • Sanitize tips regularly
  • Wash hair with warm water
  • Use products that help growth
  • Moisturize hair properly

Dry The Hair And Brush It Carefully

If you don’t know what to do to make your hair grow, this is the first point you should look at, especially if you have fine hair.

To dry the hair correctly and not damage it, we must do it with a cotton towel, pressing gently to remove excess water without rubbing it.

Next, we will brush the hair with a natural bristle brush, and, if necessary, we will apply a detangling product to facilitate brushing.

Sanitize Tips Regularly

The ends of the hair are the oldest part, so they sometimes feel dry and damaged and end up splitting. When this occurs, we run the risk of the hair breaking and creating what is known as the “zipper effect,” so by cutting the ends, we avoid this problem.

The ideal is to do it once a month if we have dyed hair or we regularly punish it with dryers and irons, or every three months if it is natural hair and we do not use heat devices daily.

Wash Hair With Warm Water

Avoid boiling water because the heat increases its porosity, exposing the hair fibers and making them more unprotected, in addition to eliminating their natural fat and dehydrating it.

Use Products That Promote Their Growth

Some hair cosmetics created to grow fast and give it strength, such as Cosmelitte Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo. A professional anti-hair loss shampoo with Aloe Vera indicated weakened hair and hair with alopecia problems.

Moisturize Hair Deeply

Using a moisturizing mask on the hair from mid-lengths to ends after a shower, such as Agadir Argan Oil Moisturizing Mask 236ml, with argan oil, vitamin E, and proteins such as keratin will make the hair completely nourished, achieving instant repair.

The main trick to growing hair faster lies in establishing a sound daily hair care routine, making it strong and healthy, avoiding excessive damage, and thus gaining the length of your dreams in the shortest possible time.

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