Hair straightener – Which One to Choose Based on Your Hair

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All hair straightens and most curls, but each one adapts differently to the needs of each type of hair. Find out which one is the most suitable for you. There are many hair straighteners that dominate the market today. Meaningful which one to select will depend on your hair type. There are broader, narrower, with cables, without them, ceramic, that release ions, floating, slight, that curl and straighten. Materials, sizes, and temperatures, still not sure what to look for in a hair straightener? So, stay with us to make the most of the possibilities of this accessory.

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Types of Hair Straighteners

Types of Hair Straighteners

  • Ceramic plates are the most common and offer a smooth glide through the hair, giving it shine and sealing the ends. The Asuer 5G Special for straightening 230 ° C.
  • Titanium plates need fewer passes than ceramic ones and are more resistant than ceramic plates, making them ideal for intensive use. An excellent example of this is the Steinhart Autofrizz Titanium.
  • Tourmaline -coated hair straighteners stand out for accumulating negative ions and protecting hair follicles.

Types Of Hair Straighteners According To The Way Their Plates Are Secure

  • Fixed plates: their position cannot be adjusted, so the pressure exerted on the strands will not be uniform.
  • Tilting irons: their position is readjusted with each pass, achieving even pressure and effortless ironing.

Hair Straighteners According To Its Thermal System

  • Fixed temperature: these are plates whose temperature cannot be changed.
  • Variable temperature: these plates have a selector to choose the desired temperature.
  • Automatic temperature: these are irons that have intelligent sensors capable of modulating the temperature to adapt it to the hair’s needs.

What Hair Straightener Should I Buy According To My Hair?

What Hair Straightener Should I Buy According To My Hair_

What is the best level of iron for fine hair?

The best straightener for fine hair is the one with medium-sized ceramic-coated plates. The ideal temperature would be between 150 and 180 °C (higher the more resistant your hair is). Always use it with dry hair and give it a single pass, in addition to using a hair protector before ironing it.

What Hair Straightener Should I Buy For Thick Or Frizzy Hair?

The most suitable hair straighteners for thick and curly hair are those with wide tourmaline-coated plates (for example, the XXL IHT Tourmaline ). They are also perfect for fighting frizz. We recommend giving a couple of passes at a temperature of 210 °C.

What to appearance for in a hair straightener if you have “problem” hair

If you have dry, damaged, or highly unruly hair, it is best to use tourmaline or titanium-coated irons such as the Termix Wild iron.

What Hair Straightener Should I Buy According To My Haircut?

The width of the plates should be directly proportional to the length of your hair. So, the shorter your hair is, the narrower the leaves should be.

Do not forget that in addition to straightening, you can also curl your hair with irons, so the possibilities are endless.

Once you have clarified the issue of what to look for in a hair straightener, it will be much easier for you to choose the one that best suits the needs of your hair. It’s everything you need to get salon-worthy results without leaving home!


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