What Is Telogenic Effluvium?

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What Is Telogenic Effluvium? – Telogen effluvium is one of the types of temporary and reversible hair loss that affects men and women. Although its causes are diverse,  stress is one of the reasons why it occurs. In the following lines, we will share all you need to know about this pathology that generates diffuse hair loss.

Hair Growth Cycle

Before talking about what telogen effluvium (as it is also known) is, we must be clear  about the growth cycle of our hair since telogen effluvium appears due to alterations that occur in the phases of this cycle:

The anagen point is the stage of hair growth; it has an average duration of 6 years.

The catagen phase is the phase of progressive detachment, and its duration is three months.

Telogen phase:  it is the last phase of the hair cycle. Therefore, it is the phase of hair loss and lasts approximately three weeks. Once this phase, the process begins again in the anagen phase. The capillary cycle is circular as long as the growth of the hair follicles is not exhausted, which, as is known, is genetically determined.

Definition Of Telogen Effluvium

Telogen effluvium is an alteration in the hair cycle that occurs when hair that is in the growth phase (anagen phase) suddenly passes into the hair loss phase (telogen phase), skipping the transitory stage (that is, the catagen phase). Due to this change in the cycle phase, telogenic effluvium gets its name.

Causes Of Telogenic Effluvium

Diffuse  hair  loss generated by telogenic effluvium can appear for the following reasons:

  • hemorrhages
  • strict diets.
  • severe infections
  • Stressful situations.
  • Hormonal alterations.
  • Lack of vitamins and oligomers.
  • Intake of medications or hormones.

Is Telogenic Effluvium Reversible?

Fortunately, yes! Telogen effluvium subsides once its cause is over; therefore, the hair almost wholly recovers on many occasions. In this way, we can confirm that the discomfort, worry and anxiety that this situation can generate in certain people will also disappear.

To speed up. In the process of stopping hair loss,  different options are worth considering:

Improve Your Quality Of Life

Resting the necessary hours, exercising and having a good diet will speed up this process.   In addition, nutrition plays a vital role in recovering the hair’s natural state. For this reason, you must add   specific nutrients to  your diet through the intake of:

  • Vitamin B, D and E.
  • Foods are rich in omega-three and omega essential fatty acids.

Some studies have shown that the intake of foods rich in omega 3  helps reduce hair loss and improves its density. Likewise, consuming food supplements that contain omega three can offer these benefits for your hair.

Consume Food Supplements

Especially food supplements based on minerals. Vitamins and amino acids. Related to this point, at Pilexil, we offer a range of  Pilexil Capsules based on the amino acid L Cystine, minerals and vitamins suitable for this type of hair loss in the form of vapours.

In addition, we have  Pilexil Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo, a product whose efficacy after a pilot study in people with telogen effluvium who used a combined treatment with our anti-loss lotion, available in spray format,  Pilexil Anti-Hair Loss Spray Forte.

Can Telogenic Effluvium Appear At Any Age?

In principle, the odour has been seen mainly in adulthood, where the responsibilities and situations of pressure, stress and awareness are greater.

Telogen Effluvium In Women

Lastly, as we stated at the start of the article,  telogenic effluvium can occur in anyone, regardless of gender. However, it is widespread in women.

These alterations can occur during the hormonal changes women present at certain stages of their lives. Likewise, telogen effluvium in women can appear during the intake of contraceptives.

In any case, it should not go that telogenic effluvium is temporary. Therefore, hair loss will gradually disappear by following the tips you learned today.