Choosing A Good Thermal Protection For Hair

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Choosing A Good Thermal Protection For Hair – All the fair sex, who regularly use irons, curling irons, and hair dryers, know how vital good thermal protection is for hair health. Therefore, today we will talk about the most modern and effective means for protecting curls from the assortment of our store. Which one you use is up to you.

Alexi Thermal Spray – Choosing A Good Thermal Protection For Hair

  • It Has an average hold.
  • Protects colored hair from fading.

Alexi spray is ideal for hot straightening at high temperatures up to 232°CThe caring oils and extracts in its composition protect the hair from the evaporation of natural moisture, nourish it with essential microelements, and remove static. In addition, a particular Color Care complex of 10 antioxidants protects the color of dyed hair from fading and harmful UV rays, which is especially important in the hot season. Choosing A Good Thermal Protection For Hair

The spray creates a protective barrier and gives an elastic fixation, which means that styling with its use will last for quite a long time, even in bad weather.

Naik Thermal Shield Spray

  • Aerosol with the formula “dry spray.”
  • It Has an easy hold.

The Australian brand NAK pays great attention to protecting hair from high temperatures and the southern sun. The brand has become a kind of beauty novelty – “dry” thermal protection in the form of an aerosol NAK Thermal Shield. It can be sprayed on dry hair immediately before styling, and do not wait until the product dries. Lightweight aerosol formula, sprinkled with a weightless mist and quickly absorbed, significantly reducing the entire styling process. It is incredibly convenient in cases where you need to re-straighten with an iron the next day, and there is no need to wash your hair.

The spray does not weigh down the hair at all and has a slight fixation, which helps avoid over drying the hair and maintain the shape of the styling.

  • So without fixation.
  • It is without silicones.
  • It gives hair shine.

This spray performs several functions at once. It nourishes and protects the hair from overheating and gives it a brilliant shine. Pro-vitamin B5 in its composition preserves the natural moisture of the hair, and wheat, soy, and juniper seed extracts saturate them with amino acids, which ultimately gives the hairstyle a glossy shine and softness. You will find two products at once in one bottle – protective and regenerating.

Scalp to Hair Thermal Protector Spray

  • They are poor of fixation.
  • Suitable for brittle falling hair.
  • It Gives softness and shine.
  • It makes hair easier to comb.

The formula of this tool is future to protect fragile, brittle, prone to hair loss. The spray contains vitamin B5, soy, and wheat proteins, which nourish and moisturize the hair shaft and a whole complex of plant extracts to give hair elasticity and shine. After applying the spray, the hair becomes more manageable easy to comb and style. Thermal Protector strengthens the hair structure and prevents breakage and split ends.

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