Claudia Lizaldi: “I’m Getting Married At The End Of 2022”

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Claudia Lizaldi: “I’m Getting Married At The End Of 2022” – The actress, communicator, coach and now owner of a sustainable concept store, who is about to get married again, shares her commitment to the environment and healthier life, as well as her work and personal projects

Not everyone knows how versatile the actress, host, and businesswoman  Claudia Lizaldi is. In addition to being a very active promoter of healthy living, sustainability, and respect for ecology, she is also a motivational coach for women and offers conferences throughout Latin America.
Not content with that, she recently opened a concept store called Trunk Show in Mérida – where she has lived for a year with her two children, I am and Elah. It offers sustainable fashion, cosmetics, accessories, and decorative objects.

Claudia is also a writer and authorized disciple of Miguel Ruiz, author of bestsellers such as The four agreements. At the same time, she, for her part, launched the books ‘The decision,’ ‘It’s your life, you choose’  as well as ‘A hug for mom’  and ‘Pure heart,’ all under the seal of Editorial Urano. In 2012 she launched her successful web portal ‘Mamá Natural,’ which she now has more than 4 million followers both on social networks and on the channel

For his part,  Jorge Ayala –who lives in Paris and has collaborated with large international firms– is one of those designers and artists who have gained prestige and fame for daring to break fashion rules. In recent days, Claudia Lizaldi and her partner, Domenika Bascile, organized a parade as part of their project to support a sustainable manner in which they showed twenty garments from the ecological fashion brand Ave, part of the Trunk Show offer, at Künük, an exclusive boutique hotel in Merida.

Claudia Lizaldi – Aveki Garment Intervened By Jorge Ayala.

Claudia Lizaldi – The garments gave the accent of this catwalk intervened by Ayala, whom Claudia invited to participate in the parade. On the catwalk, linen and silk dresses were with positive messages graffitied by Ayala, such as “Make love and not war” or “Long live love!” in several languages and traces of hearts and fruits.

We talked with Claudia about this event, her projects, and her love since January of last year; she has engaged to the Yucatecan senator Raul Paz Alonso.

Tell Us, Claudia, What Are You Currently Doing?

I’m involved in many things; right now, I’m working on many projects that excite me a lot, but above all, there is the Trunk Show store, in Mérida, for conscious consumption. In October, we opened it with great enthusiasm, and around it, we are doing things that awaken the intention of consuming with awareness.

What Do You Mean By Conscious Consumption?

We refer to knowing the traceability –the ability to track all the processes of a product, from the acquisition of raw materials to production, consumption and disposal– of what you are buying, what effect it has on the setting of fair trade if decent wages to those who manufacture them and if indigenous communities participate, that they receive reasonable payment for their art and their work. So if it is clothes, the textiles are sustainable, and the way of dyeing them does not harm

For example, it is the same with the beauty products we sell; they are in a glass container that can be ‘refillable,’ and we only charge you for the refill.

It is about knowing that what you are buying is not fast fashion that is wearing out the planet, but fashion that is causing a change in consciousness, more iconic pieces that will last longer in your closet and whose sale pays back fairly. Who makes them.

Trunk Show Is In Merida. Are You Living There?

Yes, I live happily there, and so are my children. In this idea of ​​reinventing ourselves that –as we know– this time has been for that. So we have taken this opportunity as a family to live as we want, where we want and to be able to grow where we are.

What Brands And Designers Do You Work With?

I am with some local creators like Mora de Moda, Aveki, Art Joyas; we have a travelling collection with Moravy, by Ivette Murat, the first lady of Oaxaca. And we are soon going to do another group with them; We also have things from Yucatan Senses and  Cerámica Libertad because we don’t just offer fashion, they are products for conscious consumption in general and the idea is to keep growing.

How Did The Collaboration With Jorge Ayala Come About?

Jorge is someone I admire a lot, and he came up with this collaboration with Aveki. And the truth is that it was incredible!

Sometimes people intend to pollute less with fashion, but sometimes prices don’t give you that opportunity. So what would you do if you don’t have much of a budget and want to be aware of the fashion you wear?

Today there are many preloved. Preowned clothing and accessories stores. Where you can find spectacular pieces for 200 and 300 pesos, and you can have clothing exchange parties with friends. In short, there are thousands of options, and there is no excuse. For example, in the Vintage Sale of Friends of the Museum of Popular Art, I found some wonderful things that everyone liked. And nothing cost me more than 300 pesos. So it’s wanting, having the will to do it. Instead of buying five clothes that will last you nothing. Spend the same on one that will last you a lifetime.

What Are Your Other Projects, Apart From Trunk Show?

I’m doing a podcast with Spotify, which comes out every Tuesday and ‘Ninología’; I have the page for moms, ‘Mamá Natural,’ with which we have a presence on all social networks and which is already ten years old. myself am also in the pre-production of a children’s series on some streaming platform; I will launch ‘El Viaje del caracol,’ a children’s book. In February or March, and I will continue giving my lectures on ‘Your best version, your best you,’ ‘Who is the love of your life?’ and some more titles.

How Have You Experienced The Pandemic?

Well, with a lot of learning and many events. I opened the store, fell in love and got engaged. It has been a time of many gifts and many blessings. I can only be very grateful because although it is true that it has been very hard, of many changes in many ways and many losses. I also believe that for many people –for all of them– it has been a great learning experience. With the losses. We have learned that we are all going to be memorable and that we have to be aware of it; I feel that this pandemic brought us back to this consciousness suddenly; it has taught us to live with more peace, more dedication, more truth, with more passion too, right?

Claudia Lizaldi – You Said You Are In Love And Engaged, Tell Us.

Yes, I am getting married at the end of this year to my boyfriend Raul Paz. We hope that everything can be given for it, because hard times are coming with the other variants and others, hopefully. Everything will be calm by then. But, on the extra hand, my children love him very much; I – he has three children, 6, 11 and 14; I, two, Elah, six years old, and I am, 11– and there is a lot of harmonies.

How Is Your Relationship With Your Ex-Husband, Eamon?

Eamon is in Tulum and very involved with the children; right now, he is very committed to a new system in Malaysia that he is learning so that the children do not lose the connection between the left and right hemispheres. Teach Elah daily by Zoom. So the children spent the New Year with him. And now we are seeing how we can fit them to spend a weekend with him and another with me; they communicate with him daily and see him often. So with all the challenges that this means. Obviously, and with all that it means to work on relationships, there is always a way to achieve it.

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