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The beauty trends that will sweep this 2022 are the beauty trends in 2022. 2020 has been a year that will mark our lives, bringing numerous changes. Also, in terms of care habits and, in general,the beauty sector and the products used. Last year taught us the importance of slowing down, having time for ourselves and how important it is to take care of ourselves.

It has been the basis of the new beauty trends for this new 2021, based on naturalness and Slow Beauty.

Welcome To Skinimalism

The previous currents of beauty that we’re able to set trends and that are still strong in our country have something in common, and that is that all three come from very distant lands and have brought us all the knowledge of their culture:

K-beauty Korean cosmetics for skincare. To make it look clean and natural

Scandinavian Cosmetics – With plain packaging, these products are free from unnecessary ingredients.

A-beauty: this trend comes from nothing more and nothing less than Oceania, where organic, handmade, cruelty-free and environmentally friendly cosmetics. They have a beauty industry with the characteristics that this sector should present worldwide.

A-beauty – All these trends

All these trends that are still booming in our country (we give thanks and hope that it continues to be so) and the situation we are experiencing in recent times have resulted in minimalism, based on the simplification of the daily beauty routine, both in care and makeup. As a result, less time use to achieve the same results, radiant skin, with or without makeup, with a highly natural finish.

In addition, the sector is constantly changing in search of a sustainable industry that respects the environment and offers 100% recyclable packaging. And it seems that finally, little by little, we are achieving it, more and more brands are joining this incredible trend, and hopefully, in a short time, this will be the model to be followed by the entire industry.

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The pandemic has also brought us a new complement to our lives, masks, which are beneficial in the fight against coronavirus but can sometimes cause specific skin problems in the nose and mouth area, coined as maskacné and the mask stress. Both are by increased humidity, CO2 levels and temperature in the area covered by the mask, which facilitates the creation of bacteria and microorganisms and can lead to acne, inflammation, irritation and redness. In addition, premature wrinkles, sagging, enlarged pores, a dull tone with a lack of luminosity, and oily skin may appear, all of which we have spent years trying to avoid with specific products and care.

Cosmetics That Take Care Of The Microbiome, Beauty Trends 2021

The microbiome is nothing more than a set of infinite microscopic organisms found throughout our bodies. It may seem like a negative, but when it is healthy. It acts as a protective barrier for the skin, helping to maintain hydration and preventing the access of irritating agents.

On the other hand, if the microbiome is not optimal, it can cause skin conditions.

For this reason, it is essential to use cosmetics known as prebiotics. Which function as natural food for these organisms and help the beneficial part grow and block the negative territory.

In addition, another group of products that were also beneficial later appeared, probiotic cosmetics, groups of live bacteria capable of rebalancing the natural flora of the skin.

But there is still more, and that is that this 2021 has brought us another type of cosmetics. Postbiotics, resulting from the probiotic fermentation of prebiotics and capable of balancing the skin and maintaining its barrier function.

Nutritional Supplements For Cosmetic Purposes

A few weeks ago, we talked about food supplements and whether it was convenient to consume them or not. In that article, we concluded that it was only necessary in case of having some vitamin deficiency.

Well, 2021 has brought us what is known as nutricosmetics, a set of supplements taken

orally that complement the work done by the different beautifying products that help us take care of our skin.

To avoid problems, and possible adverse consequences. It is essential to look at the composition of the supplements for these to be beneficial for our body. For the most part, the formulation must be of natural origin, based on minerals, vitamins, plant extracts or collagen. Trying to ensure that the chemical compounds are in a minimum proportion.

But beauty this 2021 not only brings us naturalness and cosmetics aimed at taking care of our body. But we also find it has various trends in our image. Among the most impressive we can discover: are defined and natural eyebrows, curtain bangs. A back to ’80s in terms of makeup or shiny hair jewellery, among others.

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