How To Give Volume To The Root Of The Hair

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How To Give Volume To The Root Of The Hair – Having hair with little volume can be beneficial for certain things since, for example, we must spend much less time washing and drying it. But, when we have to go to a particular event, we would like to wear a beautiful leonine mane, and our hair does not measure up, we forget all those advantages.

Giving volume to the root of the hair to make it look the way we want on those occasions is possible by following a few simple tricks.

When Do You Need To Gain Volume In Your Hair?

The lack of capillary volume is mainly for those who fall a lot. This problem also usually occurs in those girls who have excessively oily hair. In this case, the hair usually lacks body and looks limp and matted.

You will know that you need to gain volume in your hair when it loses its shape again and lacks the texture and density achieved in the beginning a few hours after doing a hairstyle.

Tricks To Give Volume To The Hair Root

Use the most appropriate shampoo in your case

If your hair falls out excessively, you can also find specific formulas on the market to give hair volume and shampoos that reduce excess oil.

The formulas without silicones are soft based on vegetable proteins. The most indicated is to avoid weighed down hair, strengthen the hair, and give it volume.

Dry Hair Upside Down – Root Of The Hair

To gain volume in your hair, dry it in the following way: with your head upside down, dry it from the nape of the neck and help yourself with your hand, moving it vigorously while using the dryer. Once you remove all the moisture, brush it without insisting on the Use a volumizing product

Before brushing the hair, when it is almost dry, apply a specific to give body texture and duration.

Always Wash Hair With Lukewarm Water

Washing the hair with very hot water damages the hair fiber and stimulates the production of the sebaceous glands. This reasons the hair to fall out more quickly and is more greasy and less volume.

Card The Roots – Root Of The Hair

When you get up in the morning, your hair has lost body. You can tease a little and apply to maintain the style.

Massage The Scalp – Root Of The Hair

Massaging your hair at least once a day will help keep it more vital to your fingertips.

Even if we have fine or very oily hair, wearing a beautiful mane is not difficult if we know how to get volume in the hair. We can give hair movement and body by using the right products and including some tips in our washing and drying routines.

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