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The Best-Kept Fashion Secrets Around.

A platform called European Fashion Luxury Travel curates high-end travel experiences with an emphasis on fashion and culture. With euriental, discover the world of abundant travel via the prisms of fashion and culture.

Discover new places while immersing yourself in the local fashion scene, meeting designers and style icons, and going to events and shows that are only available to a select few. More than just a travel company, European Fashion Luxury Travel is a lifestyle brand committed to providing unique and genuine travel experiences.

For individuals looking for a distinctive and customized travel experience, Euriental is the ideal option, as it boasts a team of fashion and travel experts. From boutique hotels to couture fashion weeks

How To Plan Oriental Euriental Fashion Luxury Travel Trips?

Find Fashion Capitals: Research European fashion capitals such as Tokyo, Shanghai, Seoul and Hong Kong to discover the places that offer the best opportunities for luxury shopping experiences. You can visit high-end boutiques, luxury stores and exclusive designer showrooms to discover the latest trends and styles.

Attend Fashion Shows

To organize your trip around these events, check the schedules of fashion shows and other events in the cities you visit. You can attend fashion weeks, shows and exhibitions to see first-hand the latest collections from top fashion designers.

Hire a Personal Shopper

Consider hiring a personal shopper who is an expert in European fashion to help you with your purchases. They may share tips on where to find the best discounts and the latest trends, as well as help you create a custom collection that reflects your personal style.

Visit Traditional Markets

Visit traditional markets and bazaars to experience the unique blend of modern and traditional fashion. Discover secret things you can’t find in luxury stores by exploring street markets.

Stay In Luxury Hotels

You can stay in luxury hotels that offer a unique blend of oriental-inspired architecture and décor, such as the Peninsula Shanghai, Mandarin Oriental Tokyo, and Park Hyatt Seoul. The unique experiences offered by these hotels will enhance your luxury travel plans.

Try The Local Cuisine

While enjoying the luxury travel experience, don’t forget to try the local cuisine. Explore street food and go to Michelin-starred restaurants that offer a mix of local and international flavours.

How can we use Eurental Fashion Luxury Travel to plan my next trip?

You can browse Oriental Fashion Luxury Travel’s comprehensive guides for each destination to plan your next trip. The blog provides information on the best sitting room to visit, places to shop and places to stay. You can also request personal travel advice from the team behind the blog.

Is Oriental Fashion luxury travel only for discerning travellers?

No, European Luxury Fashion Tours are for anyone looking to explore the Eurasian region. While the blog provides information on luxury accommodations and luxury shopping, it also covers budget options and cultural experiences. The blog is designed for travelers of all budgets and interests.

Can I contribute to Eurental Fashion Luxury Travel?

Yes, Eurental Fashion Luxury Travel welcomes entries from travel writers and bloggers who share the same passion for fashion, luxury and travel in the Eurasian region. You can contact the team behind the blog to submit your guest post idea.


Euriental Fashion Luxury Travel offers a unique and exciting way to explore the world while staying up to date with the latest fashion trends. There are many cities that offer luxury holiday experiences with a touch of European fashion, whether you’re strolling through Tokyo’s Harajuku district or shopping in Milan’s Quadrilatero della Moda. So pack your bags, put on your best fashionable clothes and get ready to enjoy a journey of modern luxury like never before.

A novel and fascinating approach to experience food, fashion, culture, and the arts is through luxury travel. European travel provides a singular experience fusing the best aspects of both cultures. It combines the futuristic western with the mysterious eastern, drawing tourists in with its alluring mystery.