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Buying Guide: Paddles – If you are thoughtful about preparing your home gym with a functional and alternative cardio device to treadmills or ellipticals, rowing is your solution. Although, perhaps, due to ignorance or lack of information, you feel a bit disoriented when deciding which type of paddle is the best for you. For this reason, from GymCompany, we present the definitive guide to buying a rowing machine with guarantees of success.

What Is A Rowing Machine?

The rower is medium-sized equipment for intensive, low-impact cardio training. It does not require a motor because you create your resistance when rowing when you use it. So the more energy you apply, the more complex the workout. The operation of indoor rowing machines is very similar to the resistance that elliptical bikes create since both works without a motor. In addition, as with the rest of the cardio machines, the hydraulic rowing also allows you to adjust the resistance level to adapt the device to your needs.

What Should I Value To Buy A Paddle?

When you go to the stock to buy your first paddle, you must make sure of a series of things to guarantee the success of your purchase. Above all, pay attention to:

Posture and saddle: They must be comfortable since many muscles are involved in rowing, and the movement must be adequate. Otherwise, you may be injured

Construction:  Solid and resistant. It depends on the excellence of the materials and the type of manufacturer

Adjustment options: The measurements of the hydraulic power from the saddle. If it can, then it will be valid for any user

Resistance: Adjustable and well-balanced. The movement should be smooth and fluid

Warranty:  Good warranty and after-sales service.

Console:  It is increasingly common to find an integrated console in paddles offering all kinds of information, from speed, elapsed time, heart rate, distance, etc.

Types Of Oars According To Resistance

There are 3 main kinds of rowing machines, which vary in their resistance systems:

Air Resistance

Air resistance rows are the most common in gyms and fitness centres. These oars work with an inertial flywheel which the more force you apply to it in the propulsion phase (when we are pulling), the more resistance the machine will generate. One of the significant advantages of air resistance paddles is that they are light and easy to transport. Thus, they are ideal to have at home. However, it also has disadvantages: they are teams that make a lot of noise, and you only find resistance in the initiation stroke.

Titanium Strength Ski-Air Dual Function: Air Paddle and Skierg Pro

We present you the Ski-Row Air air rower from the Titanium Strength brand, pure power to mark your workouts.

A professional machine, a double row of skis. To be used only for rowing or skiing. Provides unbeatable resistance, to work the upper body. Tone your body while working your back, arms and legs. Improve muscle mass and work resistance by burning all the fat in your body. With the Titanium Strength air rower, you can achieve good aerobic fitness and improve your core strength.

Hydraulic Resistance

Hydraulic resistance paddles are not as popular as air paddles. The system is similar to that of air rowing, simply that, in this case, the resistance approved out using a water tank. Inside the tank, some blades activated every time the oar. The greater the amount of water, the more resistance it offers. Best of all, the paddling experience is very similar to reality. In addition, the resistance is the same in the two-stroke phases. The most positive thing about this oar is that it can adjust the resistance since it does not depend on the force when pulling. In addition, they are peaceful machines and allow smooth movement.

Titanium Strength Acqua Rower Water Rower

Titanium Strength takes your workouts to the next level. The Acqua Rower water rower offers excellent value for money. Thanks to its unique design and active recoil system, it will complement your routines.

It has an ergonomic handlebar that helps you reduce the Stress of paddling. It prevents any slipping providing more excellent safety and comfort in paddling. In addition, it features a comfortable seat that adapts to your shape.

It with durable. Maintenance-free belt drive system. In addition, it has transport wheels to facilitate its transport.

Magnetic Resistance

The best thing around these paddles is that the resistance can adjust according to the user’s needs. In addition, they require little maintenance because of the resistance of the magnets every time the machine is on.

Benefits Of Oars

When you decide to improve your health, the first thing that comes to mind is to train in a gym and then you see yourself riding a treadmill, an elliptical or an indoor cycle. But, indeed, rowing machines have not come to mind. Nevertheless, the rowing machine is a piece of fitness equipment that should. It has many benefits for your health: it improves your posture and mobility while practically all the body muscle groups. It is, above all, very practical to warm up before doing another type of training and, like any other cardio exercise, to gain aerobic capacity.

1. Lose Weight

Rowing helps burn calories very quickly. So if one of your fitness goalmouths is to lose weight, rowing will be a great ally in your routine. For example, a person weighing 83kg can lose almost 400 calories by training for about 30 minutes on a rowing machine. Regular exercise on this fitness machine will help you cut calories, an essential part of losing weight.

2. Cardiovascular Benefits

Rowing is a resistance exercise that increases heart function and uses carbohydrates to provide the energy needed to exercise. As an aerobic exercise, you will be able to improve the respiratory system, the heart and circulation. Furthermore, it is the cornerstone of an effective exercise routine.

3. Reduce Stress

It is an excellent way to relieve tension and get rid of StressPhysical activity stimulates the pleasure centres in the brain. Cardio exercise, in particular, increases the number of endorphins released in the body, which can reduce Stress and even reduce feelings of depression.

Other Benefits

Shallow impact on the joints

The movement is fluid once you master the technique, and injuries are highly unlikely.

You generate your resistance, so the more energy you put into training, the greater the resistance caused.

Heart rate support means you can monitor your performance and adjust your pace, whether for fitness or calorie burning.

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