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Blowouts Write for UsA blowout is a professional hairstyling technique using a blow dryer, round brush, and other styling tools to achieve smooth, voluminous, and polished hair. It is often performed in salons or by hairstylists but can also be done at home with practice and the right tools.

A blowout can leave your hair looking smooth, shiny, and full of volume. It’s a popular choice for special occasions or when you want to achieve a polished and glamorous look. You need to protect your hair from excessive heat by using a heat protectant and avoid using the blow dryer at its hottest setting to prevent damage.

Steps of Using Blowouts

  • Step 1- Start with washed and conditioned hair. Apply a heat-protectant product to safeguard your hair from heat damage.
  • Step 2- Gently dry your hair with the help of a towel to remove excess moisture. Avoid rough towel drying, which can cause frizz and damage the hair shaft.
  • Step 3- Apply a volumizing mousse, styling cream, or any other product that suits your hair type and desired style. It helps to add volume, control frizz, and provide hold.
  • Step 4-Divide your hair into manageable sections using hair clips or ties. It makes the blowout process more manageable and ensures that each section is thoroughly dried and styled.
  • Step 5- Begin with the bottom sections of your hair. Use a brush and start at the roots, pulling the brush through the hair while directing the airflow from the blow dryer downwards. It helps in smoothing the hair cuticle and adds volume.
  • Step 6- As you move the brush and blow dryer through the hair, apply pressure to the hair strands by pulling them taut with the brush. It helps to create a polished look. Lift the hair at the roots for adding volume and body.
  • Step 7- Continue working through each section of your hair, pulling the hair strand with the brush and directing the airflow from the blow dryer downwards. Ensure every section is completely dry and styled before moving on to the next.

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