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BB Cream or CC Cream? Do you know that BB cream or CC cream is all the rage? Are you tired of very oily makeup bases or ones. that fail to cover skin imperfections fully? Are you tired of carrying a bag full of products only for the face: moisturizers, anti-ageing creams, foundation, concealer and eternal, etcetera? Today, I bring you the solution to all your problems: moisturizing creams with colour pigments will become your favourite makeup option. They take care of, hydrate and even out the skin tone; they also achieve a lighter finish than the current bases.

And you will think, they are all benefits, I want one now! It was the answer I expected, so I presented the different options that you can find on the market to choose the one that best suits your skin type and the desired coverage. Once you choose yours and try it, you will never want to change it again.

BB Cream

Although it only became fashionable a few years ago, BB Cream has decades of history behind it, invented in the 1960s by therapeutic esthetician and doctor Christine Schrammek.

The acronym BB stands for Blemish Balm Cream, literally translated as imperfections. It is a tinted moisturizing cream that makes the skin look more fluid, fine, and lighter than conventional makeup. Covering facial defects. Although thanks to its moisturizing action, it is perfect for dry skin. It is also ideal for young skin, as it contains anti-acne, anti-wrinkle treatments and a light correction of dark circles and pores. Among its many benefits, we can also find options for this type of cream that contain sun protection filters. All this will lead you to achieve uniform skin with a natural, luminous, and fresh finish. It’s ideal for occasions where you want to cover skin imperfections but don’t want to get as intense coverage as regular foundations.

bb cream or cc cream

CC Cream

On the other pointer, if you prefer a cream with more excellent makeup coverage than the previous one. The CC Cream is ideal for more mature skin due to its anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle treatments. CC stands for Color Correcting Cream. That is, colour correcting cream, and it has a wide range of shades so you can choose the one that best suits your skin. It is ideal for oily skin; despite its moisturizing cream, it usually includes a sun protection factor. They have a medium-high coverage, but they still manage to illuminate the skin and show a light finish. They are moisturizers that do not contain oil, so they are fantastic for skin with hyperpigmentation.

DD Cream

Well, suppose you’re one of those who have a hard time deciding between one product and another. In that case, I’m going to make it even more difficult for you, including a third option to this equation. The DD Cream, where DD can mean two things: on the one hand, Daily Defense Cream, that is, daily defence cream, and on the other, Dynamic-Do-All Cream, which means dynamic multipurpose cream. This type of cream has the sole objective of protecting; in addition to some with a sun protection factor of 50. They also include anti-ageing treatment and a protective barrier thanks to antioxidants. They also get deeper coverage than the options I showed you earlier. It is perfect, as the CC Cream, for mature skin, since with prolonged use, it even rejuvenates the complexion,

What More Can You Ask For In A Cream?

Forget about conventional makeup and go for a tinted moisturizing cream; they are all benefits, and the only “inconvenience” you may find along the way is choosing which one best suits your skin.

Anyway, this also has an easy solution, if you are not sure. Check with the beautician of the store where you want to buy it, and she will tell you what type of skin you have and what is the correct cream.

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