How To Create Your Beauty Routine?

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How To Create Your Beauty Routine? – Discover how to create the beauty routine that you need, according to your age, skin type and what worries you most when it comes to taking care of your facial skin.

To begin with, let’s clarify that everything will depend on the type of skin we have and the state in which our skin is at the time of creating the routine. That is to say, our skin is always the same, and we will always have the same type of skin. Still, depending on the moment of life, we find ourselves (adolescence, pregnancy, menopause). The season or time of the year or the situation for which we are going through (stress, hormonal problems.), our skin may have different needs that make us adjust our beauty routine.

The beauty routine is also different depending on where we are. If you live in a freezing and humid place, you will surely notice that your skin has needs that it has not seen at other times when you have been in arid and hot environments.

And the age? A generation has much less influence than it may seem to us since young skin may have specific needs because it is scorched or because it has been very mistreated, while mature skin can remain in excellent condition because it has been very well cared for. . So although it is sometimes easier to make recommendations for cosmetics or beauty routines by classifying them by age, it is a criterion that will not always 100%

Beauty Routine According To Your Skin Type

We will distinguish mainly four types of skins:

  • Oily skin: skins with many sebum may have an acne tendency (although not always), show the most dilated pores and are usually thick and resistant. A common mistake is to think that they do not need hydration, but this is not the case; it is ubiquitous for them to be dehydrated.
  • Combination skin: Combination skin usually has dry and oily skin features simultaneously, depending on the area of ​​the face. In the so-called “Zone T” (forehead, nose, and chin, that’s why it is called zone T, because it draws a T on the face), it usually has more shine and presents more fat accumulation, some pimples imperfections. However, in the area of ​​the cheeks, skin tends towards dryness.
  • Dry skin: they are skins that tend to be dehydrated, so they suffer more from a lack of water. They rarely have problems with acne and blemishes, wrinkles tend to appear earlier, and they tend to feel tight throughout the day.
  • Sensitive or reactive skin: this is skin that immediately turns red or shows imperfections in the face of any external stimulus (cold or hot air, cream, or any other product) and is difficult to calm and keep balanced.

Combination skins usually present punctual imperfections in the T zone of the face.

If you look, I have not mentioned “normal skin” because the experts do not consider it a type of skin. If you refer to your skin as “normal,” you probably have combination skin without significant problems; that is, it is a bit oily in the T zone, a little dry, and is not especially sensitive or reactive.

The Essential Steps In A Beauty Routine

Defining the essential steps in a beauty routine. We will only be careful to divide the patterns between day and night since there is some difference.

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Day Beauty Routine

  1. Cleaning:it is always the essential step. We need to remove the impurities accumulated during the night in the morning. We can only use 1 product in this case, as long as it is the right one for our skin type. Many people compliment the cleaning with a tonic and then even with essence. But we would always talk about that first Cleansing step.
  2. Eye contour: with clean skin, we will apply the specific product for the eye contour and only in that area to be effective.
  3. Specific treatment: Product for the main objective that we have. Generally, we want to hydrate the skin with a product suitable for our skin type in the morning. We can do it with a formula that, in addition to hydrating. Take care of the skin in that specific aspect of our interest: control of excess oil, treatment of spots, luminosity, blemisked skin, and global anti-aging care. This step can be a single step (a serum or a cream) or two steps (some people prefer to apply a serum or an ampoule and then add a layer of moisturizing cream).

Sun protection: this step is essential, even if there is no shining sun and we will not move from home. Why? Because the sun’s rays penetrate through the clouds or fog. We must also protect our skin from the rays that enter through the window and from the blue light given off by the screens of computers. Mobile phones, or tablets.

From here, we can use Makeup if we want, of course.

The four steps of the daytime beauty routine are: cleansing, eye contour, hydration, and sun protection

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Night Beauty Routine


At the end of the day. We must clean our face well to remove all the dirt embedded in the skin without us even realizing it. It is worth so much when we have put on Makeup.

( It is essential to remove the Makeup well). When we have not put on Makeup: sweat. Bacteria (we touch our faces!), or pollution must pull so that the skin can regenerate adequately at night. In this case. We always recommend a double cleansing, with products with textures that we like and that adapt to our skin type. First, we will use a more oily or unctuous texture (such as an oil. A makeup remover cream, or milk), and then we will do a second cleaning with another product (it can be a gel or foam that is with water or a micellar lotion). We can also finish by applying a toner, mainly if we have used a cleanser with water. To balance the skin’s pH.

This cleansing routine will also involve brushing, and taking care of your dental hygiene according to the Most Popular Dentist in Dubai

Eye Contour:

As in the morning routine, now we will apply the specific product for the eye contour.

Intensive Action Treatment Product:

This is usually different from, the one we have used in the morning. It will always be the product with the lightest texture and with the highest concentration in % of ingredients and active ingredients. It is time for serums or intensive products based on acids, retinol, or other options.

Extra Hydration Or Nutrition

In some cases, after the intensive action treatment. We may notice that our skin requires extra hydration or nutrition, especially if we have dry skin. But it is not mandatory. In other words, the obligation to use serum + cream at night is a myth.

It is me in the middle of a makeup removal session in action with Makeup

In the night routine, of course, we will not include sunscreen or Makeup!

As you can see, it is not complicated to establish a beauty routine.  That, of course, can be a little more complicated. But you already know that you have many articles to learn on my blog and my Instagram; I am presenting your products, tips, and recommendations to help you!

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