Healthy Salads To Continue Taking Care Of Yourself This Summer

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Healthy Salads To Continue Taking Care Of Yourself This Summer – Summer is here, and with it, the imperative need to eat fresh, healthy, and easy-to-prepare dishes. Although sometimes the purpose of continuing to take care of our health becomes too complicated for us, with the following selection of healthy salads with which we are, you will be able to face any physical objective and satiate yourself most beneficially.

We all agree that it is a dish as simple as it is successful for any occasion. Whether it’s an afternoon meeting between friends or a meal after a working day, preparing a salad is always a good time.

There is a much larger world away from the classic Greek pasta or tomato and lettuce salad. We want to share the best fitness salad recipes for this summer in this post. Let’s start!

3 Fitness Recipes To Help You Stay In Shape

· Chickpea Salad

You only have to mix chickpeas with your favorite vegetables for this first salad. Often, less is more, so it can work well to use green pepper, onion, tomato, and lettuce. Add salt, oil, and vinegar to the mix to taste, and you will. Easy, right?

If you prefer to eat real food, you can level up a little more in this recipe. At Snap Fitness, we suggest changing the pot of cooked chickpeas for natural chickpeas.

You have to soak them overnight until they have the consistency that best suits your taste. You will notice the difference!

Take some chickpeas from the pot, cooked and drained, and mix them with onion, green pepper, tomato, and lettuce (or whatever vegetable you have on hand in the fridge). And add a little oil, vinegar, and salt. So easy and so fast.

If you feel like coming up with a new approach, you can always harmonize them with pomegranate, couscous, and coriander. It can be the winning combination for that family gathering.

How to Prepare

 Spinach And Fig Salad

In this second salad, we will need very few ingredients that combine perfectly. You will need baby spinach, figs, mascarpone cheese, and toasted pecans.

You will get the special touch with a dressing made from salt, pepper, balsamic vinegar, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil -better known as EVOO-. Some people add a little honey to this recipe to achieve that sweeter taste.

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 Lentil Salad

Although it may surprise you, a good lentil salad in the middle of summer is what your body can thank you for the most. This food is not only used in that dish so typical of Spanish cuisine. There are also hamburgers and meatballs with lentils and even cream or puree.

So luckily for everyone, this recipe allows for a wide variety of ingredients chosen to taste. In any case, you should cook approximately 300g of classic lentils.

Before at Snap Fitness, we like to accompany them with yellow or red pepper, cabbage, carrot, tomato, and a little spring onion. If you want to make a difference with the other dishes on the table, take note because this will interest you. With the help of a few sprigs of coriander, lemon juice, and ground black pepper, you can achieve your goal.

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