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Skin Care Used for Oily Skin: What Is The Best Routine For This Type Of Skin? – Surely you have ever wondered what to do to avoid having oil on your face when perhaps the best thing would be to think about how to control excess sebum. Making peace with our oily skin is a first step in coming to terms with a trait that may be with us for a lifetime.

More than eliminating a function that only wants to level the dehydration of the face — even if we say that this task is a little over the line — we should direct our efforts to find the balance in the skin and a routine that helps us achieve it.

Let’s leave behind the Skin Care industry’s frustration sometimes leads us to think of a simple routine, but with products that use highly effective ingredients for oily skin.

For this reason, in this blog, we will dedicate the following lines to recommending an adequate and uncomplicated routine for oily skin. We will also advise you on the best products to achieve the long-awaited harmony in the skin.

And since we’re there, we’re going to give you some tips to help your condition with excess sebum.

5 Tips To Maintain Moisture And Control Excess Sebum

While there are hormonal and genetic reasons behind oily skin, one of the main reasons for excess sebum is lack of hydration and a lifestyle that only leads to stress. Let’s see the tips you should attend to improve your oily skin and maybe even your lifestyle.

  1. Wash your face always but not with aggressive products. Do it in the morning when you get up, and before going to sleep, it is also to do it during the afternoon and at the end of your exercise routine.
  2. Avoid touching your face so that you don’t carry more impurities from the surfaces to your most problematic areas, such as the T zone.
  3. Moisturize your face because fat results from a lack of hydration or dryness. Look for products that regulate or absorb sebum production.
  4. Avoid cleaners that contain oils and alcohol.
  5. Take life more chill, learn to delegate and live life with less stress. You will see how your skin condition improves and your way of seeing problems and people.

What Are The Best Products For My Oily Skin Routine?

Now we will see the best products to take care of oily skin and keep it under control, but above all, the most suitable routine to do day and night.

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Day Routine

  1. Cleaning is a step that we can never skip, especially if we are talking about oily skin since we are cleaning it from the excess sebum produced the night before.  Use Revolution Skincare Niacinamide Mattifying Facial Cleanser. You have to apply it to your dry skin, add water to the product, and move with circular massages.
  2. Follow with Revolution Skincare Niacinamide Clarifying Toner. Its properties control sebum and reduce the appearance of open pores. It is a toner that helps to diminish stains as well.
  3. And, without a doubt, in a daily routine, sunscreen is essential and should not be missing. Loreal Dermo Expertise has UV Defender Anti Photoaging Anti Shine SPF 50. The best thing is that it has no colour and keeps all the brightness of the face under control.

Night Routine

  1. The first and foremost part of your nightly routine is cleaning your skin with a product like Ofra’s Vitamin C Cleanser.  It is a facial cleanser that refreshes your skin and leaves it free of impurities. You can use it also at night or during the day.
  2. Although we are talking about night skincare, we must hydrate as best as possible to make the most of those hours when the skin regenerates. Our recommendation is the Revolution Skincare 15 % Niacinamide Perfecting and Moisturizing Serum.

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It has a slight formula that is perfect for oily skin. You have to shake the flask before use and apply a few drops on the face.

You can also use Revolution Skincare’s Niacinamide cream. Which has properties that mattify the skin, so it hydrates and eliminates shine. Another of its benefits is that it absorbs excess fat accumulated during the day.

More About Skin Care
  1. Finally, finish this routine and wrap yourself between your sheets with total freshness, nothing like a good toner. Ofra has the Revitalizing Tonic with Grapefruit Extract that removes impurities and takes care of the skin’s pH. Thanks to the grapefruit extract in its formula, it controls the appearance of open pores and evens out skin tones.

Oily skin does not have to be a problem if we know how to control its characteristics. Such as excess sebum and shine. The best thing is to follow a simple routine that makes a difference. To use products with highly effective ingredients like all the ones we present to you in this blog.

The most important item is that you accept your skin. One of the most valuable organs and work to get the best out of it. Our day and night routine will convince you.

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