Can the Elderly Use CBD Oil?

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As we get older our bodies may experience different issues like pain and sleep problems. Most pharmaceutical pills meant for these problems usually have negative side effects. However, research shows that the elderly may find relief from taking CBD gummies for sleep. But is CBD for seniors effective? In this article, we will discuss the benefits of CBD for seniors.

How Can CBD Help the Elderly?

  1. CBD For Sleep in Elderly

Most elderly people usually find difficulties having a good night’s sleep. This may be due to changes in sleep patterns as people age. Moreover, medical conditions such as stress and prescribed medications can also interfere with sleep.

Research notes that incorporating CBD oil into your daily routine can provide relief for conditions that cause loss of sleep. For example, consuming CBD edibles in the evening can help you calm down after a tiring day.

CBD may help soothe and promote calmness which are important factors in having good sleep. CBD is also a natural alternative to harmful sleeping medications since it lacks negative side effects.

  1. CBD For Joint Pain in Elderly

Arthritis is a common problem among the elderly. Studies note that CBD offers pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties which may help alleviate joint pain. Preclinical studies in rats note that CBD may reduce joint inflammation and prevent joint neuropathy and osteoarthritis pain. According to researchers, CBD reduces joint pain by reducing joint inflammation.

CBD may also prevent rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis by reducing inflammation in the joints and improving sleep quality. CBD may also reduce back pain and reduce the rate of elderly people using walking sticks.

What Are the Best Edibles for Seniors?

There are different types of CBD edibles for seniors experiencing pain and sleep difficulties. Full-spectrum CBD gummies contain all of the compounds found in the hemp plant. Broad-spectrum CBD gummies contain all of the compounds found in the hemp plant except THC. but don’t include THC. CBD isolate gummies only contain CBD.

The best CBD edibles for the elderly are broad-spectrum or CBD isolate gummies. This is because it lacks THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid which can be harmful to the elderly. Other things to keep in mind when determining the best CBD oil for seniors are third-party lab tests, reviews, and the company’s reputation.

Side Effects of CBD Oil in The Elderly

Generally, seniors may experience side effects such as fatigue, insomnia, low blood pressure, drowsiness and dizziness, loss of appetite, diarrhea and rare allergic reactions. These side effects may vary from one individual to another. Some medications may negatively interact with CBD and cause side effects.

Bottom Line

Our health and wellness will see a sharp decline especially after the age of 50. However, CBD can be the solution for the elderly to enjoy their golden years. With the numerous ways to consume the compound, CBD softgels, gummies and tinctures are the most favorable products among adults. They are easy to take and harness the power of CBD gel caps for your health.