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Nail Art write for usNail art, the practice of painting attractive designs on your fingernails, is a fun method to brighten up your everyday look or beautify a special occasion outfit. Various techniques are available, extending from delicate and modest to funky and outrageous. While the more challenging scenarios are best left to a professional, it’s likely to create simple nail art at home.

The key to any effective nail design starts with clean and well-shaped nails. Nails should remain neatly trimmed and filed before painting. Even the most accomplished artist can’t create an attractive design on nails that have bitten down to stubs. Consider applying artificial acrylic nails before painting your plan if your natural nails are beyond repair.

Origins and History

To begin with, painted nails were exclusively an expression of social status. Then, from about the mid-19th century – coincidentally, the beginning of modern art – it became more of a personal fashion item.

All about nail art

The thing is not just about painting your nails!

Make-up just got stretched to the nails too! Nail art is the latest thing in fashion, taking it by storm. ‘Nail art’ states the art of decorating a person’s nails using the various materials available in the market. Today, technology has made it possible to display the designs of one’s choice on their nails. As a result, nails are not only layers of keratin but have become the ultimate means to express creativity. This article educates all about nail art after the process of its progress to the various varieties that are in vogue today.

Earlier, a manicure or pedicure, coats of nail polish and henna were all one could do with one’s nails. However, that is not the case now. In today’s times, the art one can display on one’s nails is limited only by imagination. In other words, nails have developed a vast canvas on which one can express one’s creativity in whatever way appeals out of the wide range of options available. People are now trying to match their nails to the colours of the season or the colours of their dresses. Nail art today is everywhere and is a must-do for all places – schools and colleges, offices, weddings, parties, or just for an outing with friends.

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