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Bridal Makeup Write for UsBridal Makeup Write for Us – Let’s get real: not everyone wants to have an entourage of service providers for their wedding. Some people like to keep the external services to a limited number, trusting themselves the best on things they are good at. One of these categories is bridal makeup.

When that is the case, it is super important that you learn a few easy techniques to help you ace your wedding bridal makeup instantly! It may seem intimidating initially, but with some practice and the right products, no one will know that you did your makeup all by yourself!

1. The foundation and base

The base sets the tone for the wedding bridal makeup look, so you cannot afford to make any mistakes here. However, many novice makeup artists (or women just trying to look nice daily) often wonder whether a primer is a product they need.

Sometimes, it feels like a marketing gimmick, no? Well, the truth is that primer gives your foundation something to stick to, making it long-lasting.

If you have a ton of open pores, you need a pore-filling primer like Benefit’s Professional or Farsali’s Blurring Serum. If you have redness issues, you can use a green color-correcting primer to cancel it out. Similarly, a yellow primer can help you if you have dark circles. Smashbox has a ton of color-correcting primers you can check out.

Once you’ve applied your primer by rubbing it on your face lightly, you’re ready for the next step of the wedding bridal makeup, which is the foundation.

2. The eyes!

Foundation is a simple step, and you are probably feeling very confident about your makeup skills and wedding bridal makeup now! But, unfortunately, the next step requires a fair amount of practice, especially if you want a bomb look.

If you see a ton of beauty tutorials, you will see that most beauty gurus use a combination of shades to create a fabulous wedding bridal makeup look, but let us be honest here, you can create a fab look with only 2-3 shades from the same palette too – gasp!

The three basic shades you should choose are – your transition shade, the lid shade, and the highlight shade. Look closely at the image above. The bride’s crease has a deep brown shade, the lid has a uniform burgundy shade, and the center of the top has a metallic gold shade.

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