Hosting Tips for a Perfect Tea Party

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Tea parties can be great for special occasions, particularly for baby showers, charity fundraisers, or elegant birthday celebrations. If you have been considering hosting a tea party for an upcoming event, you might not be sure where to start with the planning process. If you want to make sure your tea party makes a good impression on your guests, below are some suggestions on how you can pull everything together for an event to remember.

1.    Pick a Theme

A tea party may already feel like a theme, but there are ways you can make it more exciting. For example, a Mad Hatter’s style tea party can be a lot of fun, and you can include more quirky food options and décor to make the event stand out. If you are looking for something more elegant, perhaps a French-themed tea party where you serve colorful macaroons, dainty French Fancies, Madeleine biscuits, and other popular sweet treats in France. Look here for a variety of interesting tea party themes.

2.    How Many Guests?

You will also need to find out how many guests are attending your tea party in advance to ensure there is enough food and drink for everyone. Ask your guests to send an RSVP to you as soon as possible so that you can start getting an idea of how many people to expect. This is essential if you are trying to plan a bigger event for charity or a more formal party rather than something simple with friends.

3.    Serve a Range of Beverages

Of course, no tea party would be right without serving some hot tea, both black tea, and herbal options so there is something for everyone. Offering your guests some iced tea options can be fabulous, as not everyone enjoys hot drinks. You can see some great iced tea examples at this tea company. Alternatives to tea that should also be included are some sodas, coffee, and perhaps even some wines or cocktails, depending on the kind of event you are throwing. Sparkling wine, in particular, can be good to include for birthday celebrations, baby showers (for non-expectant mothers), or bridal showers.

4.    Décor and Seating

Seating might be a bigger issue for larger, more formal events, but it is still important to ensure your guests have somewhere comfortable to sit. If you are hosting a big charity event or something more corporate, you may even want to consider creating a seating chart and allocating guests to certain tables. Regarding décor, flower arrangements as table centerpieces are always a good option, and some flag banners or paper lanterns hanging overheard can also be a pretty addition. Again, consider your overall tea party theme if you have one, and use this as inspiration for the décor choices.

If you are considering hosting a tea party for a special occasion or big event, use these tips to help you plan it and be a successful host and an enjoyable event for everyone invited.

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