Foods To Eliminate Cellulite

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Foods To Eliminate Cellulite – Wanting to know which are the best foods to eliminate cellulite, also known as orange peel, is something that brings many people upside down. Still, it is a prevalent thing. But what must be taken into account is that it is best to try to prevent the appearance of cellulite as much as possible and have to find a remedy to eliminate it later at all costs. And this can only be achieved with a proper, healthy diet without excesses, accompanied by the practice of sports and daily exercise.  So do not be afraid if you are one of those who say, ” I exercise, and my cellulite does not go away ” let’s see if we can help you with our advice and the foods we suggest.
We must bear in mind that the majority of the female population suffers the highest percentage of cellulite, so in general, this publication is more dedicated to this area. But first, we will see how we can combat cellulite, and then we will see what anti-cellulite diet we recommend following, always linked to the practice of sports and physical activity.

How To Fight Cellulite

As we have already said, the best way to combat cellulite is to prevent it, but we know that this is almost impossible after all. The essential thing when fighting cellulite knows what it is and how it appears.
We understand cellulite as the inflammation of the cellular tissues found under the skin in the thighs, buttocks, and abdominal areas. Now that we add or less know what it is, we can see what causes are causing it. It must also consider that not everything is on food; it may be part of genetic inheritance in some cases. Its appearance due to hormonal factors has to do with high levels of estrogens (steroidal sex hormones that are mainly female and in the ovaries and adrenal glands. These regulate the development of breast growth and the period in women .), pregnancy. Taking birth control pills or hormonal changes in general. On the other hand, the intake of these foods such as salt, refined flour, sauces,

List Of Food Groups That Cause Cellulite

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Foods To Eliminate Cellulite – Coffee

There is no need to be alarmed, but caffeine has a dehydrating effect, so we must consume eight glasses of water a day so that our skin is not affected. In addition, the milk, loaded with fat, that accompanies the coffee and the teaspoon of sugar that accompanies it makes it appear on this list. In the end, it is not what we drink but how and how much we drink.


Although we all like them, they are primarily to blame for the appearance of cellulite. Most made with trans fats and sugar (in addition to providing empty calories) cause inflammation. As we have said, refined sugar is a great enemy of any diet since our body cannot transform it, and it ends up in the typical areas of the belly, thighs, and hips. If you cannot resist and are addicted to chocolate, the better, the purer.


Trans fats are on the podium as another great enemy for preventing cellulite. They are in hamburgers, fries, pizzas, and fast food. They are as delightful as they are unhealthy. Any food with oils is dangerous as well as sausages and red meat. We know that it hurts to say no to ham or a good steak.

Refined Flours:

Although the fair consumption of carbohydrates is excellent, it must take into account that everything that has refined flour, such as bread, pasta, and non-whole grain rice, is another factor to consider. Well, these foods from yeasts are difficult to metabolize.


Soft drinks and sugary drinks are harmful since a single glass already contains the sugar that an adult requires to get through the day (25gr according to the WHO) and all the extra additives. Although it is best to avoid them or drink unprocessed juices, the zero-sugar versions are an alternative.


Due to its composition, because it is sodium, salt is one of the primary fluid retainers, which can already cause cellulite. The World Health Organization advises not to exceed 5 grams per day. So that amounts to avoiding the typical salty snacks and bags of chips. Himalayan or sea salt is a more than positive alternative to introduce into our diet.


Most of the processed sauces and dressings that we buy at the supermarket and that we use to flavor our dishes with salt and sugar. The mixture is explosive if we add dressings to the products we consume cooked with trans fats and oils. We recommend the use of herb seasonings or condiments made by ourselves.

We Must Be Aware Of Food

It seems incredible that everything we consume daily can cause cellulite or fluid retention.
Well, who hasn’t given her son a piece of industrial pastry to eat at recess, a bag full of sweets when they go to the park, or a hamburger full of sauces, a huge soda and chips. Once or double a month should not be a problem as long as you follow a proper diet. That is why emphasizing that people move and not lead a sedentary life is essential, and above all, we must instill this in the little ones.

Foods For Our Anti-Cellulite Diet

Although we have seen what foods cause it, also known as orange peel. Which is not a few, we also have many foods to prepare for our anti-cellulite diet.

Here is a list of food groups that may be useful to you. We must bear in mind that a varied and balanced diet is the fundamental key to everything. It is best to consume fresh products and as little processed as possible.

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Foods To Eliminate Cellulite – White meat

White meat is all that does not come from mammals. The most common are chicken and turkey. They are perfect alternatives to horse or pork meat. It should that the rabbit, due to its low amount of fat and characteristics, is also considered white meat.


Cereals contain a large amount of fiber, making them very digestive and good for the body. If we want to consume carbohydrates in our diet. They are a good option as long as they are not ultra-processed. An ideal breakfast would be to have some oat flakes as a porridge with a piece of fruit.


Fruits are one of the most natural sources of vitamins and nutrients that we can find in our diet. With them, we can make several juices with multiple uses. Such as antioxidants and diuretics, and the fact that, for example, apples or fruits that are essentially water. Such as melon or watermelon, are great satiation, which makes us avoid snacking between meals.


When choosing a fish, it is highly due to its ease of digestion and low-fat percentage (1 to 3%). We can find cod, hake or monkfish as starfish of this type in the market.


Made with more than 70% water, they provide many vitamins A and C. They are low in calories and very satiating. They are the perfect first course and are a vital part of any diet. For example, the onion, thanks to its attributes, helps reduce salt levels in the blood. Parsley is an alternative to salt, and cauliflower is great satiating food.

As a piece of advice, in addition to all these foods that favor the fight against cellulite. Promoting good blood circulation is a significant factor to take into account.

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