3 Types of Lapel Pins and How to Wear Them

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There are many different types of pins that one can wear on their lapel. So many in fact, that you’d be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed on the subject. When one is shopping for a new pin, either online or at a local haberdashery. They are immediately confronted with a seemingly endless amount of choices. This is because most of us think of a pin as a very particular fashion statement. It has been my experience that each one of us has a complex and unique view of when and how a pin should be worn. I thought that this was quite curious and thus decided to begin an investigation. What kind of pins are out there, and when is it appropriate to wear them? If this sounds as fascinating to you as it does to me, then dear reader. I beseech you to join me. As we begin this fun and fantastic voyage on the what’s whens and whys of lapel pins!

For A Formal Occasion

When I began this study on the many different kinds of lapel pins that one could wear. I found it helpful to split my research into three separate categories. The first of these categories is. How formal is the pin? Can you wear this pin to a black tie function? This is a question that is primarily related to what a pin is made of. Is it gold, silver, or some other precious metal? Does it have some fabulous stone on it? These are the factors that make a lapel pin a reasonable accessory for a polite formal gathering. Now say you have a nice pin, but you are still a little hesitant about whether or not it is appropriate to wear at this kind of gala. If that’s the case for you, then just remember this simple rule of thumb. The simpler something is, the more elegant it is. If your pin is a beautiful single rod of sterling silver, that will command much more respect; than say your bejeweled fire-breathing tiger head with real ruby eyes. In my opinion, keeping it simple and clean is the best way to accessorize for any formal occasion!

Explosively Expressing Yourself!

In my last entry, I remarked that at a formal dinner party. You probably don’t want to wear your bejeweled fire-breathing tiger head pin with real ruby eyes. And though that’s true for a formal dinner. I’m happy to tell you that on almost every other occasion. That pin is going straight on the lapel of my jacket. You see pins don’t have to be just for formal wear. This brings us to our second category of lapel pins. These are the kinds of pins you wear to express yourself! The kind of pins that you put on all over your purse or bag. The kind that is meant to show your love for our popular culture. These styles of pins were initially popularized by early punk rock musicians in late 70s New York. But they have since gone on to explode in popularity. Recently these more colorful and exciting types of pins have claimed a large stake in the world of fandom. If you’re a fan of superheroes, science fiction, or any other type of popular culture. You can bet that they make a pin of it! 

Showing That You Belong

As we conclude our exploration of the world of pins. I’d like to talk about my third and final category of lapel pin. The affiliation category. These are the pins you wear to show others that you are affiliated with a group or organization. This might be something as small as a bowling team, or as large as a fraternity or secret charter. You never know. But the simple fact is, that it is such a broad topic that covers a remarkable amount of real estate in the conversation surrounding pins. That I felt it needed to get its own category.

Well, there you have it, folks! We are beginning to wind down our expedition into the fascinating world of lapel pins. We’ve covered everything from the elegant and dashing world of the formal pin. To the crazy cool punk looks of getting a pop culture-inspired custom lapel pin. Now you may be thinking. Wow, we talked about a lot! But what if I told you? That is only the tip of the iceberg! Yes! There is a wide world of amazing and magnificent pins out there, just waiting for you to study them. So if you enjoyed this overview into some of the more general aspects of when and where of wearing a specific kind of pin. Then please, I encourage you to continue your research into this fascinating topic! 

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