Discover Which Engagement Ring Deals to Look Out for on Black Friday

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Engagement Ring Deals: Shopping for an engagement ring is an exciting time in a relationship but spending a large amount of money on a ring can feel stressful. You know you want to get your partner a ring they will love, but it’s expensive. So, how can you save some money? Think about Black Friday engagement rings, which can be discounted, so you can enjoy a nice cost savings or afford to purchase a bigger ring for your loved one. For all the tips you need to find the best deals, read on.

The Best Time of Year to Buy Engagement Rings

Black Friday is widely considered the biggest shopping day of the year to enjoy huge savings. When it comes to shopping for jewelry, especially engagement jewelry, Black Friday is one of the best times of year to buy jewelry for a lower price. It’s not just Black Friday, though. Now, with Cyber Monday just days after Black Friday, many brands will host sales to cover both days, which gives you a bit of leeway into when you can make your purchase. While some companies will host sales throughout the year on engagement jewelry, the best time to get the most savings will still be the end of November. 

Window Shop Before Black Friday

There is a lot of hype surrounding Black Friday shopping and that creates a good deal of competition. You have to be mindful of the risk that your ring choice could be out of stock or that you could spend all your time looking for a ring only to find one that ends up being sold out at checkout. Do your research in advance to shop strategically on Black Friday so you get what it is you want.

The best way to shop for Black Friday engagement rings is to do it early and do it online. Perform plenty of research to find the best options for you which mean reading reviews and understanding everything to know about engagement jewelry from the 4 Cs to the precious metal choices. If you’re shopping in-store on Black Friday, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get personalized service to help you find a ring because stores are usually packed. Instead, visit these stores beforehand so you know what you’re looking for.

Having options is a great way to ensure you get the ring you want. There is a chance that the ring you want will be out of stock, so by having a variety of ring options in mind that you want, you increase the chance that you will find a ring and be able to take advantage of the cost savings. 

One major benefit to window shopping before Black Friday is that you can determine whether the deals a store is offering are truly worth it. You’ll be seeing the full prices as you shop so when you see the Black Friday engagement rings discounted, you’ll know if the deal is a value. 

Maximize Your Savings

As you’re looking at rings to purchase, consider ways that you can maximize your savings. For example, if you’re looking for a diamond engagement ring, consider a lab-grown diamond ring instead. A synthetic diamond features all the same qualities as a natural diamond but is grown through a scientific process and tends to be around 35% less than traditional diamonds. In addition, you’re likely to see a great discount on lab-grown diamonds compared to natural diamonds as the price of gemstones is high in value and can rarely be discounted too much. 

Don’t Settle for the Sake of Saving

It’s tempting to take advantage of a good deal, especially on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but you have to make sure the ring you end up purchasing is the best option for your partner. You don’t want to settle on an engagement ring just because you can get a good deal on it. This is why window shopping before going to the store or shopping online will be the best way to find a selection of Black Friday engagement rings your partner would love.

When shopping during a sale, you tend to feel pressure. The limited-time nature of a sale adds a bit of stress and that can cause you to make a decision quickly. Make sure you’re very thoughtful and intentional about which engagement ring you end up purchasing so you know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you’re getting a ring your partner can’t say no to. 


Black Friday shopping can feel stressful, but if you dedicate your time beforehand to figuring out what you’re looking for, you’ll be well-equipped to find the best ring for the best deal during the biggest shopping day of the year.

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