Social Dancing In A Specialized Club

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Social Dancing In A Specialized Club Is The Alternative To Take Care Of Yourself – Social dancing in a specialized club is a fun and carefree way to meet people and make new friends. An activity that combines the benefits of dancing and socializing with other people in a safe environment.

With the arrival of the pandemic, the social life of many people has been drastically affected: meetings we postponed, parties cancelled, fear of leaving home or group activities, etc. Adelante is a social dance club in Madrid postulated as the perfect alternative to return to normality.

The health benefits of dancing have been studied and are widely known. However, in these pandemic years, the importance of mental health and the need to socialize and generate ties with people have been proven.

Why Is Adelante A Unique Dance Club?

Unlike other dance clubs, in Adelante, particular importance is given to the social part of the activity. The important thing is not to dance well but to meet other people and spend a pleasant time learning something new; it is unnecessary to know how to dance. Moreover, by grouping people into similar age ranges, people enjoy themselves more.

On the other hand, unlike most classes that can online, in Adelante, it is not necessary to go with a partner. Therefore, in addition to learning to dance very quickly, their method ensures that there is always the same number of men and women in the class. Furthermore, to make the activity even more dynamic and enjoyable, partners are changed frequently  that everyone can get to know each other.

In addition to making new friends at the dance club, the Adelante app allows you to connect outside of class, giving those who want to find a partner an opportunity. Furthermore, the app will enable you to communicate with people who went to class, thus solving the biggest flaw of dating apps, fake profiles. The user decides what information to share, when and with whom.

Advantages Of Being Part Of The Dance Club

  • Enjoy weekly classes with the same group of people. People with a similar level and in a similar age range.
  • All groups have the same number of men and women; no one left without a partner.
  • Learn without pressure and dance without stress as there is enough space. There are never more than ten couples in the room.
  • Take advantage of personalized attention and have the possibility of attending private classes to improve faster at a lower price than the market.
  • Discover various types of dance in one place with specialized teachers.
  • Attend parties and events where you can share experiences and meet people from other groups.
  • Connect with other club members using the app.
  • Reinforce what has in class in weekly practice sessions.

How To Join Advance?

To test the experience, Adelante offers an introductory session where you can try the activity without any commitment and learn a few basic steps. After that, you have to register on the website and approach the studio in the heart of Madrid. The location is perfect to meet up in the area beforehand, have a coffee, or go downtown afterwards.

Once you have tried the experience, you have the opportunity to become a member of the club. Adelante works with a monthly membership that does not have any permanence commitment or hidden expenses.

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What Kind Of People Does Adelance Attract?

Adelante is the perfect alternative for people who want to resume their social life. Expand their social circle and have fun responsibly. Among its members, some people work from home, people who have come to Madrid for work and don’t know anyone, people who have left a relationship and are looking to meet someone or change their circle of friends.

The carefree and casual atmosphere of the classes and the club’s location (easily accessible from different Metro lines) are perfect for people to continue getting to know each other outside.

Individuals, couples or groups of friends can go to the club. The idea is to meet people. So the music is not at total volume, nor is the light as dim as in a nightclub where you hardly see who you are with.

Benefits Of Attending A Dance Club

Social Dancing is the fashion activity that has grown the most with the arrival of Social Dancing networks. It seems that moving and releasing endorphins to the rhythm of music costs less than doing repetitions in a gym. Many studies have exposed the benefits of dance as an aerobic physical activity.

If the social component added to everything explained above. We must consider that the dance styles taught in Adelance have beneficial effects on a psychological and emotional level.

  • Power balance, strength and coordination.
  • Reinforces self-esteem by increasing confidence in oneself.
  • It encourages spontaneity and creativity and helps to overcome shyness.
  • Reduces stress, generates endorphins and improves mood. Concentrating on learning something, worrying about work, etc., left behind.
  • It helps to connect internally and with other people. For example, if a person is restless or does not like meditation. Moving dancing can help to let go and even express what they feel.
  • Creating new interpersonal relationships happens naturally with dances to practice as a couple.
  • Exercise memory by preventing brain aging since putting learned dance steps into practice is one of the best ways to strengthen the brain.

Thus, dancing is one of the best ways to be fashionable, socialize and stay healthy. You have to leave behind the shame or fear of new activities and go out dancing.

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