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Are Silk lashes better?

Are Silk lashes better

Royal Silk Kiss Lashes: Lashes can make a big difference. But are strip lashes worth it?

If you’ve been researching false eyelashes, you’ve probably come across a few types of falsies out there. There are many options: eyelash extensions, luxurious mink lashes, faux lashes, or even silk lashes.

But how do you know which ones are the most natural looking or comfortable, or better yet, work with your eyes and your budget?

Well, fret not! We’re here to help guide you through this maze of lash jargon and cut through the hype, so you understand the REAL differences and find the perfect pair you’ll be pleased with!

What kind of eyelashes are attractive?

What kind of eyelashes are attractive

Have you ever thought about why we always desire to have long eyelashes? Why do some famous women’s paintings depict that eyelashes enhance the beauty of your face?

Generally, we use eyeliners and mascaras to highlight them. And above all, we are very fond of getting Eyelash Extensions to make those eyelashes look prettier than ever.

So why do we pay so much attention to this tiny part of our face? Well, here at Wisp lashes, we have helped thousands of women with eyelash extensions, which is why we all love those long dark lashes!

These are just some reasons why long eyelashes make you look attractive and catch people’s attention. You may be surprised that your eyelashes also say a lot about a woman’s fertility. This may seem odd, but not wrong. The excess shedding of your eyelashes indicates an autoimmune disorder; such disorders have an extremely detrimental effect on your fertility.

KISS LuXtensions Collection

KISS LuXtensions Collection

Achieve salon-style lash extensions in an instant with the Kiss Lash Couture LuXtension.

Crafted with actual lash extension fibers, the high-quality strip lash features Flat Lash Technology with a flexible, slim lash band for a discreet, natural-looking finish. Like natural lash extensions, the wispy lashes offer a mix of D, C, and J curls to add definition and Volume.


Acrylates/Ethylhexyl Acrylate Copolymer, Water (Aqua), Propylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin.

Kiss Royal Silk Lashes Pack

Kiss Royal Silk Lashes Pack

Product Description

The ultimate lash extensions look. Bring the salon home. New. Curls: d; c; j. Security tag included. Super slim band. Flat lash tech. Light & flexible wear. Laser cut tech. The adhesive is sold separately. Contact lens friendly. Dull hair – 30% thinner lash band. Laser cut – light & comfortable. Actual lash extension effect.

Preparation Instructions

Reusable with special care. Gently peel off the lash starting from the outer corner. Manually remove glue residue. Rinse with water. Place back onto the tray to dry.

How long does the kiss lash kit last?

How long does the kiss lash kit last

Cluster Kit for Kiss Lash Couture Extensions. 3D DIY Faux Lash Extensions Kit With Individual Lash Clusters from Kiss Lash Couture’s Extension Collection. A True Lash Extensions Effect Is All You Need.

The true impact of lash extensions Like virtual extensions, semi-permanent adhesive lashes can last up to 2 weeks. Natural lashes have tapering ends and flat roots. Simpler, quicker application with expert outcomes.

If you buy something online, but it’s not everything you dreamed it to be, no worries! We’re here for you.

You can return this item within 90 days of receiving your online order.

Kiss Royal Silk Lashes Amazon

kiss royal silk lashes amazon

About this item

3 Pieces –

Reusable With Special Care,

Flat Lash Laser Cut Tech,

Light And Flexible Wear,

Super Slim Band

About this item

6 units.

Reusable with special care.

Flat eyelash laser cutting technology.

Light and flexible.

Super thin band

What are the negatives of silk lashes?

What are the negatives of silk lashes

Not every type of lash extension will always work for every client. Some clients may be sensitive to animal fur, while others want a softer look. A trained lash technician can work with you to determine what lash material, type, application, and curl pattern is best for you.

Although mink lash was historically the top choice, it’s leaving the spotlight open to other options, including Russian Volume. As always, we are here to help you meet your lash goals. Check our Lash Extensions in Santa Monica and Lash Extensions in Newport Beach. Contact us today to schedule an appointment, or visit our Instagram to see some of our latest work. Additionally, always look for a provider with rigorous cleaning service backup and guidelines processing.


KISS Lash Couture LuXtension in Royal Silk is made with natural extension fibers for the ultimate lash extensions look! Kiss Lash Couture Luxtensions Collection Strip Lashes 02 Royal Silk Black has natural lash extension fibers to provide the ultimate lash extension look.

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