Pole Dance: A Complete Sport

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Pole Dance: A Complete Sport – It is half dance, half sport, although it all depends on how you see it and decide to practice it. I’m talking about pole dance, a sports discipline that requires a lot of strength in the arms, abdomen, and legs and excellent coordination and flexibility.

Next, learn the keys to understanding what this sport is about (sport? Yes, it is) and how you should start in this dance style through the air with turns around a fixed vertical bar. Also, discover its advantages and what care you should take to exercise safely. Ready? Here we go.

What Is Pole Dancing?

There are still many people who, when they hear about pole dancing, the stereotype of a strip club comes to mind. Well, nothing more wrong. In reality, it is a sports discipline that combines dance postures, yoga, and athletic turns in a central element: a vertical metal bar well anchored to the floor and ceiling.

First of all, you must keep in attention that you do not need to be an advanced athlete to get on this rod and do your routines. However, you need a minimum of strength in your arms and legs and good coordination.

Without this, you will take a lot of hits and could even seriously injure yourself. So unless you want to turn your spectacular falls into a viral video, you should watch this sport with seriousness and commitment, which will help you stylize your figure and gain muscle definition while having fun.

Age is not a limitation. Pole dance can complete by girls, boys, adolescents and adults. The important thing is not to start in such a self-taught method because many opportunities to fall and injure yourself are. Don’t jump into pole dancing without the guidance of a qualified pole dance instructor!

How Does Pole Dancing Work?

In pole dancing, most of the work focused on strengthening the upper core (arms and core) and leg strength.

You must bear in mind that a pole dancer uses the weight of her body, concentrated more than anything in her arms and legs. Naturally, then, the different acrobatic movements are incorporated.

Note that I am talking about stunts. That is why I insist that you look for an academy where they teach you from A to Z how to move and prepare before getting on the bar.

Remember that to do pole dance, you need:

  • Be consistent with developing precision and coordination
  • Go easy to master the movements and stunts
  • Do not forget that it is a sport and requires a healthy lifestyle

The classes usually last an hour and a half, including the previous warm-up. After this time, the instructor will explain how to do the turns, figures and choreography.

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How Was This Type Of Aerial Dance Born?

Today it is called Pole Fitness or Pole Dance Fitness. However, it acknowledged that it was in India as early as 1135 AD. During the 18th century, it became very popular with wrestlers, who used the vertical bar to train muscle, concentration, reflexes, and speed.

Opening  1920, Western culture added this exercise to circus shows and burlesque and sensual shows.

In 1994, the model and athlete Fawnia Dietrich began teaching it as an acrobatic and artistic sport at her dance school. Currently, Pole Fitness has its regulations and is a federated sport.

Advantages Of Practicing Pole Dance

With this aerial and acrobatic dance class, you can obtain many physical, mental and emotional advantages. These are its some benefits:

You Will Improve Your Health

Pole Dance increases cardiovascular endurance, muscular and skeletal system strength, and flexibility. After a class, you will be exhausted because energy expenditure is high.

You Will Sleep Better

Like any sport, your sleep hours will improve after your first few sessions. You will be able to release a lot of stress while having fun and obtaining a more stylized figure. Toned with exercises that slim the belly.

You Will Gain Self-Confidence

One of the things that girls notice the most from the first class is that they feel more confident and have higher self-esteem. Every move is a challenge and will make you a more confident woman. You will feel sexier!

You Will Add Skills

Balance and concentration are magnified elements if you decide to practice them. Coordination is essential to transition between movements, turns and acrobatic postures.

You, Will, Have Fun Like Never Before

You will feel like a girl enjoying her favourite game. It is an exciting and fun sport that combines dance and exercise. In addition, you will gain new friends.

Be encouraged to share your progress and find other common interests!

And The Disadvantages?

I have to be honest, girls. Pole dancing also has its drawbacks. Sight:

  • You need to sign up for classes at an academy or gym to reach your potential and learn your routines correctly. It will prevent you from getting injured.
  • You will have to get used to the bruises (or “kisses” from the pole) and the pain caused by rubbing and skin sticking to the steel of the vertical bar. Also, your skin must uncover. You won’t be able to wear yoga pants or leggings, but a kind of very fashionable and sexy underwear, great for dancing and training.
  • It would help if you learned to fall, avoid getting dizzy and get up without fear of frustration. The key is to practice.
  • Watch out for vertical bars that don’t look sturdy or installed at home.

Finally, and I see this not as a disadvantage but as a challenge that will make you stronger emotionally, it is essential that you are not afraid of receiving the disapproval of people who may act discriminatory.

There are many stigmas about this way of exercising. It is so much so that many academies prefer to call it Pole Fitness or Pole Sport to avoid association with erotic dances in nightclubs.

So if you want to try pole dancing and have a lot of fun, do it! Nobody takes away that it is a complete sport that will do wonders for your figure. Ideally, you can alternate it with yoga, dance, or fit boxing to gain flexibility and lightness in your movements and acrobatics.