Fall Skin And Hair Care

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Fall Skin And Hair Care – Summer has formally come to an end with the arrival of fall. Gone are memories of vacations, heat and long, sunny evenings, giving way to cooler days and longer nights.

Our skin stops being subjected to intense radiation and exhausting heat, just as our hair leaves aside excess sun, chlorine and salt to face colder temperatures and warmer showers.

This article tells you a series of care adapted to the new season.

Skin Care

Autumn is the best time to return all the hydration lost in summer to the skin, restore its elasticity, and prepare it for the cold winter, so we must accentuate our daily care routine during this season.

Oily skin: Oily skin suffers from excessive application of sunscreens and astringent products that make our skin breathe less. Sometimes, acne breakouts may appear after the summer, so it is necessary to change and strengthen the daily routine to recover the skin’s sweat and its correct hydration.

Dry skin:  Dry skin is the one that suffers the most due to weather conditions. The wind and the sun cause a lot of dryness in the skin, which produces an older appearance. In addition, you have to recover the moisture and hydration lost after sweltering days.

Recover Our Skin

One of the first steps to follow when it comes to recovering our skin is exfoliation, obtaining a notable improvement from the first moment:

  • Elimination of impurities
  • Elimination of roughness
  • Preparation for the application of moisturizing treatments
  • Increased oxygenation of the skin
  • It helps the formation of new cells, collagen and the uptake of shallow water, which is so essential for the excellent condition of the skin.

After a good exfoliation, our skin will be more receptive to the hydration treatment. Then, we have to recover all the lost water to show off beautiful and radiant skin again.

Our Facial and Body Scrub is a gel with jojoba microgranules that helps remove dead cells and impurities from the skin, facilitating cell renewal and providing clean and smooth skin, favouring the application of subsequent treatments.

The night is the most appropriate time to influence our beauty rituals; we have more time for ourselves and are more relaxed. In addition, the skin works much more while we sleep since at night, the skin regenerates, eliminates toxins and recovers from the wear and tear produced during the day.

Moisturizing Care

Atria Anti-Aging is the natural line of facial care formulated with the latest advances in dermo-cosmetics, epigenetic factors and detoxifying active ingredients to obtain the maximum benefit, purification and regeneration of your skin.

Hydration is the facial line that provides dual action hydration: short and long term, thanks to the joint action of active ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and Fucocert® to obtain hydrated skin with a feeling of well-being and comfort, protecting it from premature aging and helping to the barrier function.

7 Tips To Recover Your Skin After The Summer

1.- Exfoliate the skin

2.- Carry out a correct cleaning, especially at night, before applying the hydration treatment

3.- Hydrate twice a day and never forget about it

4.- Complement our beauty routine with the use of masks

5.- Use suitable cosmetics in the most pigmented areas

6.- Drink water

7.- Diet rich in fruits and vegetables

Hair Care

Not only does the skin change and need other routines, the comb, the pillow and the shower are the first to warn us.

Our hair falls out in greater quantity.

Just as trees lose their leaves during this season, our hair enters its renewal phase (telogen phase), in which the inches at the end of their life fall out to be replaced by new ones. In autumn, we can say that there is a cyclical and progressive renewal of our usual hair in men and women.

Hair Life Cycle

  • Anagenic Phase: The growth phase in which the hair bulb regenerates and produces hair that grows approximately 1cm per month—from 3 to 10 years.
  • Catagenic Phase: The transition phase marks the end of the production phase of the hair fibre. Where the follicle retracts from the scalp’s surface and stops growing. Duration: 3 weeks.
  • Telogen phase  Hair loss.
  • Latent Phase: Resting phase in which the hair is attached to the hair bulb but does not grow. It takes three months to reactivate growth.

In general, the hair dies in spring (catagenic phase), so it is normal for it to fall out in autumn (telogenic phase) and recover after three months (after the latent phase)

7 Factors That Alter Your Hair

  • Hormonal changes
  • Stress
  • Abuse of shampoos, masks, dyes and products with aggressive ingredients for the hair.
  • Medication and surgical operations
  • Obsessed with hair loss
  • Solar exposition
  • Bad nutrition

6 Tips To Get Strong And Healthy Hair

  • Healthy eating: Maintain a balanced diet rich in vegetables, fruits and legumes, and vitamin B and D sources.
  • So healthy life: We must maintain a healthy rhythm, avoid stress, and not abuse tobacco or alcohol.
  • Avoid aggressive cosmetic procedures.
  • Wash the hair with shampoos with mild active ingredients that remove dirt without damaging the hair.
  • massage the scalp
  • Because of this food supplements: They provide the vitamins and minerals we need for the strengthening and proper growth of hair.
Fall Skin Hair Care – halogen

Fall Skin Hair Care – Because of this halogen is the Hair Care line aimed at hair hygiene, repair and hydration. With formulas adapted to the different needs of the hair; dry, dehydrated, brittle, oily hair, damaged ends, extreme repair. Our shampoos, masks, before and serums provide the hair’s benefits to obtaining resistance, shine, and softness to the hair, taking care of it from the inside to offer a healthy and natural appearance on the outside.

Before our new Kalogen Food Supplement is formulated with the essential vitamins and minerals to promote the strengthening of hair and nails, all of which are 100% of the recommended daily amounts. In addition, Kalogen provides amino acids involved in the formation of keratin. The main protein in hair and nails, and plant extracts such as Bamboo (70% silicon) or Grape (95% proanthocyanidins).

So its complete composition is added the advantage of its easy dosage. One capsule a day every morning, which facilitates treatment compliance. Furthermore, it is advisable to complement its action with Kalogen Weak Hair Shampoo, thus enhancing its effect and restoring to our hair the vitality that corresponds to healthy and strong hair.

Hydrate, Protect and Strengthen your hair with Kalogen in Autumn.