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As some people will spell out Blakberi or Blackberry, it depends on the requirement of the person.

Stolichnaya Blakberi Vodka Cocktails New recipes for vodka and Stoli cocktails with vodka flavour. CAPSULE REPORT: In the US, ice flavoured vodka is getting hot, hot, up 6.4% from total vodka growth of 3.1% and total spirits growth of 1. 3%. * And this impressive growth makes the category infinitely good-looking to new entrants. In the previous 12 months alone, according to, more than 150 new vodkas have been introduced in the United States, 95 of which have been flavour. In April, Stolichnaya Blakberi was unique to the debutantes – and it’s delicious. Figures from Blakberi  Vodka arrived just in time for Mother’s Day.

Mom will love these cocktails. Recipes blend Blakberi vodka with exquisite herbal flavours of basil, lavender and sage; or with the ever-popular mint; or with an exotic rose and champagne. Choose one of your “signature cocktails” for your spring and summer getaways.

Those who prefer pure drinks can drink fresh blackberries. Blakberi  season runs from May to September, peaking in June and July. (Winterberries are traded from Chile, but think local and eat local when in season.) Stolichnaya was the first to introduce flavoured vodka to the United States, with Limonaya in the mid-1970s. Stoli Vanil, Stoli Razberi, Stoli Ohranj and previous year’s debutant Stoli Blueberi are among the most popular vodkas in the world (see Stoli Blueberi cocktail recipes). This year’s indigenous product, Blakberi, builds on product trends showing the growing popularity of blackberries (an antioxidant-rich fruit) in beverages and personal care goods.

B & B (Blakberi & Basil)

This cocktail formula gives new meaning to a “B&B.” It’s delicious for individual cocktails and an excellent choice for warm-weather pitcher drinks.

Makings Per Cocktail

1 part Stoli Blakberi

French or Italian glittering lemonade (in bottles at speciality food stores) or San Pellegrino Sparkling Lemon Beverage (in cans). Fresh basil to taste


Muddle basil with Stoli Blakberi.

Serve on rocks and top off with sparkling Italian lemonade. Garnish with additional basil leaves.

Blakberi  Blues

Ingredients Per Cocktail

Two shares Stoli Blakberi

1 part Stoli Blueberry

1 part cranberry juice

One dose of simple syrup

Touch of raspberry liqueur

Dried lemon

Fresh sage, to taste and garnish


Wise wise. Combine with ingredients, shake vigorously with ice and strain into a cocktail glass.

Garnish with blueberry, Blakberi  and sage.

Blakberi Lavender Fizz

Lavender delivers heavenly aromatics with a unique flavour. Fresh lavender is only available in warm weather, so make hay while the sun is out.

cocktail ingredients

Two Parts of Blackbury Painting

1 part fresh lemon juice

1 part freshly squeezed lime juice

And also, 1 part Club Soda Lavender Infused Agave Nectar Syrup

Fresh culinary lavender (or pesticide-free organic lavender) for garnish


Shake ingredients together over ice—strain hooked on a Collins glass with ice and top with soda.

Garnish with fresh lavender and a lime wedge.

Mint Summer Night-in

A refreshing cocktail perfect for spring or summer. For a regular Blakberi  Martini, substitute Blakberi for the vodka in your favourite recipe, or shake 1 part with ice and strain it into a martini glass.

Ingredients Per Cocktail

Two parts Stoli Blakberi

1 part fresh cucumber juice

Splash of simple syrup

Mint leaves to taste and for garnish


Muddle mint leaves and shake ingredients over ice—strain into a chilled martini glass. Garnish with a sprig of mint and thin slices of cucumber.

A simple recipe for Blakberi Vodka

Blakberi vodka is the perfect drink for a winter evening or a fruity cocktail in front of the fireplace.

Blakberi Vodka is easy to make and tastes fantastic. Deliver on for my easy Blakberi vodka recipe that I guarantee you will make again and again.

You will find many articles about food on Travelbunny. I love to tempt you with stories of delicious food and drink I’ve eaten in places like Turkey, Iceland, or Vietnam.

I love food tours and world cuisine tastings, but sometimes the best flavours are right under your nose. Right outside the back door, I’m picking fruit for my favourite Blakberi vodka.

Our garden’s end is a chaotic field teeming with wild animals and densely covered with brambles. This year, they are full of plump, juicy blackberries that you want to pick and turn into something fabulous: Blakberi vodka.

Blakberi Vodka Recipe

Blakberi Vodka Recipe

Yesterday I put on my rubber boots (there are snakes in that field), ate some good old food and got myself a bucket of blackberries. I put some in the freezer to add a bit of berry heaven to these warming winter apple crumbles. I have jars of black and shiny Blakberi  jelly from last year, so I don’t need to make more jams. So, what to do with my catch of blackberries?

Ha! He transforms into a great vial of bubbling ruby ​​splendour—Blakberi  vodka. There’s nothing quite like a rosy glow from a few snaps on a freezing winter evening, and my Blakberi  vodka recipe is so easy you’ll make it a year later.

The dark ruby ​​colour kinds it the perfect Christmas drink or you can use it to make a smooth Blakberi vodka cocktail. If you brand Blakberi vodka in August or early September, it will be ready for Christmas. Delicious!

Here’s how to make Blakberi vodka. Scroll down to treasure the printable version of this Blakberi vodka recipe.

The secret Ingredient for Blakberi Vodka

Ingredient for Blakberi Vodka

Vanilla pods are my Blakberi  vodka recipe’s secret ingredient! Separate the pods and scrape out the seeds – add these and a single pod shell to your Blakberi  vodka.

I add the second pod to a sugar jar to make vanilla sugar, lovely for baking.

I doubled the ingredients for my Blakberi vodka recipe because I had so many blackberries and a huge one-litre bottle of vodka. It was logical.!

How to Make Blakberi Vodka

Get a sterilized, airtight Kilner jar or a wide-mouthed bottle big enough to hold all the ingredients.

Fill a big bowl with cold water to cover the blackberries and add the fruit. After about 15 minutes, any debris or bugs should float to the top. Remove them with a spoon or cup and repeat the process two more times.

Then drain the fruit carefully and place it gently on paper towels to dry. Any spoiled fruit can remain used for Blakberi  smoothies, sorbets or desserts. The Blakberi  ice cream is decent.

Add the blackberries, sugar, vanilla pod and seeds and pour in the vodka. Yes, it’s as simple as that!

Shake the jar lightly to dissolve the sugar and place it in a cool, dark cupboard. Shake the jar daily for the leading week and then occasionally until the sugar is no longer visible at the bottom of the pot. Forget it for 12 weeks.

When the to come time is up, strain the liquid. Rinse the muslin and wring it well so that the precious liquid does not penetrate. Place the mousseline over a sieve and strain the Blakberi infused vodka into a large pitcher.

At this phase, it is imperative to remove the blackberries. Else, the woody centre of the berry gives the vodka a bitter aftertaste.

Pour the liquid into the bottle of your choice – I keep all the fancy bottles to make it even more special! These vintage snap on bottles are beautiful and perfect for holding.

The Blakberi  vodka is ready. You can drink it now or let the warm Blakberi  flavour infuse even more if you take an iron will.

How to serve Blakberi  infused vodka?

I love this trick from my good friend Viveka in the comments below:

Rinse the glasses with water a few hours before serving and place them in the freezer to keep them reserved. I tried this, and it works a treat.

Let me know how you do with my vodka recipe. You can also read my articles on making the perfect gin and tonic or my Aperol Spritz recipe. Share vodka cocktail recipes if you have any favourites. I’m always on the post for new ones.


Easy recipe for making

0.5-litre vodka

500 grams blackberries

100 grams caster sugar

Two vanilla pods (optional)

Rinse and drain the blackberries to remove any bugs.

Take a sterilized Kilner jar and add the blackberries, sugar, one vanilla pod and the seeds from the second vanilla pod.

Fill a Kilner jar with vodka. Close the lid and shake lightly to dissolve the sugar.

Please put it in a dark and cool cabinet. Shake daily until all the sugar is dissolved. It will gross about a week.

After 12 weeks, anxiety through a sieve and damp cheesecloth and pour into a nice bottle. It is essential to remove the blackberries at this stage. Otherwise, the woody centres will give the vodka a bitter taste. You can increase your body heat and the maintain the required body temperature.

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