What Is A Personal Shopper?

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What Is A Personal Shopper? – Future profession: personal shopper. Are you a fashion lover, and would you like to help other people get the best out of their image? Maybe you had never considered it, but I have the ideal profession for you, Personal Shopper!

It is a job where the professional is responsible for advising others to transform their image and learn all the tricks necessary to get the best out of it. You must know in depth the fashion sector, know how to combine both garments and accessories and learn the latest trends in fashion.

Functions Of The Personal Shopper Position

The primary function of a Personal Shopper is to optimize the moment of carrying out a purchase and give the necessary weapons and tricks to your client so that they do not make any purchase on impulse.

It teaches the people who hire its services to know their bodies and identify which clothes suit them well. In addition, it will also give them the necessary guidelines to realize the pieces they need and that they are going to use on a day-to-day basis. Getting them to stop buying clothes that they will barely wear translates into excellent saving money in the long run.

Another of the functions of a Personal Shopper

Another of the functions of a Personal Shopper is to take charge of complete management of its clients’ purchases if required. It implies, in addition to the selection of garments and their purchase. The management of changes and returns and the necessary repairs of the pieces purchased.

He is not always in charge of the purchase process and does not always accompany his client in this process. Sometimes. The function of a Personal Shopper is limited to advising the person who hires him, giving him the necessary instructions so that he is the one who carries out the final purchase decision.

Finally, the people who dedicate themselves to this profession are fashion experts. So they can also work as stylists or image consultants, taking charge, in addition to the choice of clothes and accessories for their client, of advising them on hairstyle and make-up.

Requirements To Be A Professional Personal Shopper

The main requirement that a person who wants to dedicate himself to this profession must meet. As it could not be otherwise, is a comprehensive knowledge of the world of fashion. Not only have style and good taste, but specific training in technique is necessary, knowing the silhouettes, the different types of bodies, and the colors that look best. And it is essential to understand the trends, anticipate fashion, and know what will in each season.

It is also necessary that you be an open-minded person. You can meet clients of different styles, with very varied tastes and you must know how to help each one of them.

Personal Shopper

Personal Shopper – It is important to be empathic with people, to know how to earn their trust, and, of course, to understand how to listen.

You must know very well the brands available in the market and the shops located in the area where you work to provide customers with a wide variety of options.

In addition to Personal Shopper, you must have skills in other professions; you must be public relations, salesman, and creative.

Are There Specific Studies To Train For This Profession?

Of course, there is specific training to become a Personal Shopper. Although there are various options to achieve a good position in this profession. The most common are:

  • University Degree in Fashion Design. In recent years, this career has become very fashionable. Forgive the redundancy, which is why it is currently available both in public universities and private universities and schools. Attending high school and taking the relevant university entrance exams are necessary to access this type of study.
  • Title of Professional Training in Personal Image Consulting. With which you will obtain the diploma of Superior Technician in this specialty.
  • They are taught by private schools and fashion magazines, collaborating with different universities.

Different specialized courses. Such as color techniques, costume design, accessories, or others related to this field. In addition, it is convenient to carry out constant training.

If you love fashion. This is one of the most fun ways to be part of this world. Although you can also dedicate yourself to costume design, fashion communication, or, why not, modeling.

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