Autumn-Winter 2021/2022 Trends In Footwear

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Autumn-winter 2021/2022 trends in footwear. We are already in August, and much to my regret, I see the end of summer closer and closer. But not everything is sad when the cold arrives again, which is.

That is why I have already started researching the trends for the new season, and here I bring you what I have found about the latest footwear models that will be the most during the last months of the year.

  • Do you now want the cold to arrive as much as I do? No, I’m not crazy; I love all the new trends.

Trends In Boots For The Coldest Months Of The Year

Let’s start with a must for all autumn-winter seasons. Year after year, they become essential in our wardrobe for their comfort and the ability to protect our feet from the cold. Sure, I’m talking about the boots. But the presentation does not end here and this autumn-winter we will be able to see numerous and innovative models of boots, you cannot miss them! So start taking notes and preparing your shopping list.

Combat Boots and Riding Boots:

We start with an off-road shoe, its style may not appeal to you at first, but its comfort and functionality will hook you. They are the result of the fusion of the search for comfort born of the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, fused with the resurgence of a style linked to the 90s, combined with military, equestrian and snow touch. The consequence? Trends In Footwear – A perfect casual shoe, both for day-to-day and winter getaways to the snow, what more could you ask intended? They are perfect to syndicate with jeans and a padded bomber any cold winter day or even with a snowsuit, although we can see it in a street style that the most daring dare to wear these boots with pleated skirts and dresses. You choose what your favorite look is.

Autumn-Winter 2021/2022 Trends In Footwear

Over-The-Knee Boots:

The classic knee-high boots are back, either with heels or flats, in all kinds of fabrics and colors, including metallic. We can also find a lighter version of these boots with a cut below the knee. There are ideal with skirts and dresses; they stylize the legs of those who wear them to the maximum. They are also often worn over skinny jeans in the purest equestrian style.

Cowboy Boots:

Another trend recovered from previous seasons, but no less interesting for that since they are making their intentions clearer every time, they are here to stay and become a must in the bottom of the wardrobe! Perfect with long flowing dresses, short dresses, jeans and everything you can imagine, they will allow you to let your imagination run wild, achieving comfortable, stylish looks with your feet always warm.

Slouch Lounge:

This new trend has become the best combination between casual clothing and the new mentality of consumers, who seek comfort without losing style. It is a perfect fusion of formal and informal footwear in equal parts through its loose silhouette and low heels similar to pumps. Do you dare with this incredible innovation?

Comfortable Shoes All Year Round

Once again, I emphasize the importance of comfort in how the pandemic has left us and the long months we spent at home during the year 2020. As a result of this situation, significant trends have been born in fashion and, of course, in footwear. :

Fluffy Slipper:

Comfortable and warm, these slippers with faux fur are ideal for teleworking days, although the most daring dare to combine them with their street looks. And you, what group are you beginning?


one more year, trainers are a must in any wardrobe, available in countless models, shapes, colors and with multiple sole styles. Of course, the critical piece of this trend will continue to be the same as previous seasons, white sneakers!

Nor Can We Forget The High-Top Sports Shoes,

A trend that has been repeated from time to time and seems to have come back stronger than ever. We can also see how it joint with another fabulous current fashion, the XXL soles.

And Speaking of Soles,

comfort is not only provided by house shoes and sports shoes. But we can also get comfortable footwear with a more glamorous touch thanks to platforms, available this season in Chelsea-style boots, sock boots, Mary jane, loafers and a long etcetera. So get a few more centimeters without neglecting comfort.

Footwear For More Formal Plans And Events

Despite the low temperatures, we also want to go out to dinner, party (if possible), or go to any other type of formal appointment in winter. So take note of the best footwear for this type of event that will be key during the next autumn-winter 2021/2022.

Men’s style loafers:

Being dressed up is not synonymous with heels. So a great option to keep glamour and comfort at the same time are these types of slugs. We have come to see them with socks insight, do you dare?

Sandals with minimalist straps:

I have not gone crazy; sandals are also for the autumn and winter months or have you not seen someone show off their feet on any of the past New Year’s Eves that we could still celebrate? These models with minimalist straps are sophisticated and highly sensual, a must that you can wear all year round.

  • Maxi heels of all colors. Perfect to combine with a total look or even with a combination of different shades for those who dare more; which one do you prefer?


Jeweler for the feet. With metallic colors, glitter, vinyl, etc. Daring, with many personalities and original, are they for you?

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