Strength And Cardio, The Best Combination To Lose Weight

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Strength And Cardio, The Best Combination To Lose Weight – Cardiovascular exercises have the power to help you burn calories, and, on the other hand,  strength training is ideal for losing weight. Still, when both are combined, even better results are achieved. All this, combined with the experience of a fitness trainer and an eating plan, will give you excellent results and in a short time, you will be able to lose the weight you want.

Why Is Cardio Plus The Use Of Strength An Excellent Technique To Lose A Few Kilos?

If this combination does in the facilities of the  Madrid gyms under the advice of experts, you may get the best results in much less time than applying both routines separately. For its part, cardiovascular exercise, responsible for maintaining heart rate, offers athletes the possibility of increasing their energy while practising a sport.  It is what allows us to lose weight and maintain reserve energy.

To comply with this rule, we must know that our body needs at least 30 seconds of heating to start eating fat. On the other hand,  in strength exercises, muscle mass increases and from the beginning, the muscle consumes more energy and less fat . Food also plays a fundamental role in a sports routine. Therefore, if necessary, it should be consulted with an expert so that the exercises can bear fruit.

Strength And Cardio, The Best Combination To Lose Weight

It remains well known that strength training destroys the muscles and therefore hurts a few days after physical activity. While in recovery, the body focuses on consuming calories, even while sitting on the couch. But this should not be a reason to pause the exercise; even when the muscle hurts, it is when the athlete must make the most effort and continue his training.

Speed ​​Up Metabolism By Practicing Strength Exercises

Every time we go to the gym and build tension in our muscles, we work on strength. There are various proposals for this type of exercise. But the essential thing is to practice them alternately to perform each of the body muscles, not just one. The main activity is the squats, which with the legs separated at shoulder height. Take the buttocks down but without touching the floor, only up to an approximate distance of 90 °.

Secondly, to speed up your metabolism, you can also do push-ups with your toes and hands on the floor and your body in a straight plank position. Traps are also a great strength exercise, whether on a rowing machine or stretching using tension straps. These exercises must occur by sustained breathing and efforts according to your resistance; if you are starting, it is better that you seek the opinion of a professional trainer to advise you on the correct posture for each one and thus avoid some injury.

A great exercise is a  lunge, the famous forward strides in which the legs and buttocks work. It’s essential to work your upper body, too, and weighted bicep curls work to work your arms.

Essential Personalized Strength And Cardio Plan

You can start a balanced exercise routine by combining some of the exercises described above. First the strength ones and then the cardio ones. For each of them, and in the beginner phase, you can perform three series of 14 repetitions. Each with rest of only 60 seconds. Similarly, including 4 or 5 exercises in a circuit with varied sets of each is an excellent way to intensify the activity.

At the end of all this,  working on cardio for at least 30 minutes is essential to start burning calories; it can be something straightforward like climbing the mountain. Running in the park, or jogging on the treadmill at the treadmill gym. To achieve a better physical condition and lose weight, it is necessary to combine strength with cardio; it is a powerful formula that burns fat, although all the effort must continually connect with a balanced diet.

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