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The skin has three primary purposes: protection, regulation, and feeling. It is a layer of soft, flexible outer tissue covering a vertebrate animal’s body.

Birds, reptiles, and amphibians all have unique skin types. Arthropod exoskeletons, for example, have a different developmental origin, structure, and chemical makeup than other animal coverings. The term cutaneous, which comes from the Latin word cutis, means “of the skin.” Mammals have multiple layers of ectodermal tissue that make up their skin, an organ of the integumentary system that protects the underlying muscles, bones, ligaments, and internal organs. The formation, structure, and function of extraskeletal apparatus, such as the horns of bovids (such as cattle) and rhinos, the antlers of cervids, the ossicones of giraffids, the osteoderm of armadillos, and the os penis/os clitoris, all heavily depend on the skin (including cutaneous and subcutaneous tissues).

Even aquatic mammals like whales, dolphins, and porpoises, which have the appearance of having hairless skin, have some hair on their bodies. The skin is the initial line of defence against outside influences and the interface with the environment. For instance, the skin is essential for protecting against infections and excessive water loss. Insulation, temperature control, feeling, and the synthesis of vitamin D and folates are among their additional roles. Scar tissue may form as the skin heals severely damaged areas.

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That can occasionally be depigmented and discoloured on an organism, and skin thickness changes from one place to another. In humans, for instance, the skin around the eyelids and under the eyes is the tinniest skin and one of the first places to develop wrinkles and “crow’s feet” as a person ages. The heaviest skin on the body is found on the palms and soles of the feet, which measure 4 mm in thickness. The uptake of oestrogen accelerates and improves the skin’s ability to heal wounds.

Some animals have unusually thick, rigid skin that may be processed to make leather. Thick hair is fur. Fur improves the skin’s insulation but can also remain used as a disguise or a secondary sexual trait. The skin of most fish and reptiles is covered in robust protective scales, and the feathers of birds are also rigid and formed of beta-keratin. Amphibian skin is frequently subject to osmosis and diffusive forces because it is not a very effective barrier, especially regarding the passage of chemicals through the skin. For instance, a frog sitting in an anaesthetic solution would quickly become tranquillized as the chemical diffused through its skin. Amphibians’ ability to exploit various resources and ensure daily survival depend heavily on their skin.

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