How to Achieve the Perfect Androgynous Look

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The androgynous look combines masculine and feminine traits into one style. It is, therefore, balanced in fashion and grooming to give expression in ways that go beyond the conventional gender norms. Conscious decisions have to be made regarding clothes and accessories, hairstyles, and makeup to pull off the perfect androgynous look.

This article will serve as a guide on how to create a harmonious androgynous look.

Understanding Androgynous Fashion

Understanding Androgynous Fashion

Androgynous fashion doesn’t lean too much to either side, looking either extremely masculine or extremely feminine. It seeks to find a style that will suit any androgynous person regardless of their gender. Beginning with the proper choice of attire, the accessories, and even how one walks, it’s all about a perfect balance.

Clothing Choices

Beginning with the proper selection of attire, here are some rules to live by:

1. Stick to Neutral Colors

Androgynous fashion also relies on neutral colors, such as black, white, gray, and navy. They hold no identifiable label with any specific gender and, therefore, are perfect for creating the aim of a well-balanced look. For example, one can mix and match a black jacket with grey trousers and white t-shirts to get a lean, androgynous look.

2. Opt for Unisex Clothing

A great deal of today’s brands offer androgynous clothing lines that can really nail a great fit at both ends of the spectrum. These pieces typically feature a cut that doesn’t accentuate traditionally gendered features. A basic unisex T-shirt or sweater is an excellent place to begin.

3. Mix Masculine and Feminine Pieces

Never be afraid to mix the traditional masculine and feminine pieces, say, a well-tailored suit with a delicate blouse, or vice versa, for the opposite effect, a rugged leather jacket over a flowing dress.

4. Focus on Fit

Fit is the key to androgynous fashion. Clothes should neither be too tight nor too loose. It’s a fit where one desires comfort, no accentuation of any part of the body, and it almost feels natural. Tailoring can help in this very effectively.


One can get creative through accessories to attain an androgynous look. Following are a few tips:

1. Minimalist Jewelry

Wear simple jewelry like small hoops, thin bracelets, or plain rings. These will make a statement without being too ‘feminine’ or ‘masculine.’

2. Functional Bags

Go for functional bags that come in neutral designs. Backpacks, messenger bags, and tote bags in solid colors or simple patterns work well.

3. Unisex Watches

A watch can be both functional and stylish. Look for sleek designs that are neither too bulging nor thin. Silver or gold metal bands, together with leather straps, will complement the overall attire.


Hair sets the tone for the whole androgynous look. Here are some of the tips for styling hair to achieve a look that’s gender-neutral:

1. Short Haircuts

Pixie cuts or undercuts are a trendy style associated with androgyny. They’re very neat and require very minimal maintenance; this could be another reason they don’t fit into traditional gender roles, making them so popular.

2. Medium Length Styles

Androgynous styles can be prevalent in medium-length hair. Think of a bob cut or shoulder-length hair with layers. There are several ways of styling these hairstyles, making them versatile.

3. Long Hair

If you prefer your hair long, think of cuts and styles that appear simple and are neither too feminine nor too masculine. These can range from a straight cut at the end to a ponytail that’s not quite tightly held.


Makeup will help in an androgynous look, but the idea isn’t to overdo it. Here are some guidelines:

1. Natural Look

Aim at attaining a natural, almost bare look. Even out skin tone with some foundation. Apply a little concealer to hide the blemishes, then a light dusting of powder to reduce shine.

2. Eyebrows

Well-groomed eyebrows can frame the face and set out the androgynous look in appearance; retaining them naturally avoids too-arched or too-thin shapes.

3. Eyes

For the eyes, a coat of light mascara can be applied followed by an application of some neutral-colored light eyeshadow to define the eyes without any overpowered appearance. Heavy eyeliner and bold colors are to be avoided.

4. Lips

Use lipstick colors that are near or faintly near the color of the lips. Nude and light pink lipstick tones work great. A lip balm will add some invisible sheen while keeping the lips moisturized.

Attitude and Confidence

Now, the final piece in pulling off that ultimate androgynous look is confidence. Here’s how you can make it happen:

1. Own Your Style

Whichever outfit you decide to sport, do so with confidence. On androgyny, it’s about breaking away from conventional gender roles, so be proud about your personal style.

2. Posture

Good posture can make all the difference. Keep tall and be proud yet relaxed in your postures. This not only enhances the way you looks but also the way you feel.

3. Body Language

Keep in check your body language. Open and relaxed gestures can speak volumes about confidence and ease.


It means finding that fine line between the polarities and creating an expression of self. It won’t be a perfect androgynous style without careful choices in clothes, accessories, hairstyles, and makeup in order to come up with something authentic, comfortable, and sincere. Of course, what makes any look perfect is confidence. Be proud of your uniqueness and let it shine.