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Manicure Write for UsManicures and pedicures are performed at home or in a beauty salon. A manicure usually involves filing and shaping the nail’s free edge, pushing and trimming (with cuticle pushers and cuticle tweezers) to remove any dead tissue (but limited to the cuticle and nails), treatments with various fluids, hand massage, and application, of enamel.

The treatment calls a pedicure when the same is used on toenails and toenails, and Together, the treatments can be known as a mani-bed. Most nail polishes last for 2-3 days before applying another nail for maintenance if there is no damage to the nails.

Some manicures include nail painting, small decals, or fake jewellery (two-dimensional to three-dimensional). Other nail treatments include artificial gel nails, tips, or acrylics, which may refer to French manicures.

In many areas, artisans license and follow regulations. Because the skin is manipulated and sometimes trimmed, many people are at risk of infection when using instruments. Therefore, improper hygiene can cause serious problems.

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