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Keto Diet Write For Us

Keto Diet Write For Us

Many of us have heard of the ketogenic diet by now. If you want to lose weight, many might have spoken to you about this diet and suggested that you follow it. It is a diet with a specific intake of nutrients that helps you lose that extra weight.

There are two versions of the ketogenic diet that have developed over time. While each has different nutrients, the basic keto rule remains constant: high fats, low carbs, and moderate protein.

Initially, for a keto diet (the 1.0 version now), one had to take in 75 per cent fats, 20 per cent proteins and 5% of carbohydrates through the food we eat. It is aimed at making the body use the stored body fats for energy instead of the carbohydrates one gets through daily meals.

While studies and research showed the benefits of the 1.0 version of the ketogenic diet, not all could follow it because of their individual nutritional needs. In version 2.0, the carbohydrate intake is increased to 20 per cent, proteins to 30 per cent and fats reduced to 50 per cent. The carbohydrates, while advanced, have to be from plant-based food more, and food that is high in fibre content and can be digested slowly.


Eggs are the most versatile food item, especially for the keto diet. You can eat up to 36 eggs in a day without worrying about cholesterol! It is for those who don’t suffer from cholesterol problems already. For those who do, it’s good to avoid egg yolk.

Egg whites are all protein and good for health. You can ensure you have it daily. You can scramble an egg, make an omelette, hard boil it, poach it, fry it, whatever your choice of the egg is. It’s an easy way to ensure daily protein intake.

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