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How To Choose The Mascara? – The eyelashes are the frame of the look. We all want them thick and long, although, in reality, only a few women have the privilege of having them perfect. But do not be discouraged, girls, because choosing the right mascara is the key to always looking spectacular.

Here I leave you some beauty tips to help you find the right mascara and care for your eyelashes. If you put them into practice, there will be no one to resist your gaze.

Choosing The Mascara, What Is The Secret?

The first thing you should know is that there are as many types of mascara as there are makeup brands. And since all girls are different, there is one for every need. The secret is knowing what effect you want to achieve: make them look longer? Or a look with thicker lashes?

Whatever you want is possible by choosing the right mascara. So without further ado, I leave you with this basic and simple guide that will help you as much as it helped me.

For Light And Short Lashes

If you are one of those girls with light, short eyelashes and want them to stand out, you need to choose the mascara that offers an extra black color. The reason is that the intensity in that tone will make them notice.

Also, make sure that the brush to apply has more than a thousand bristles. It will cover each lash, from root to tip, for a greater amplifying effect.

It is very important that the packaging mentions that it offers flexibility since this quality will allow the lashes to stretch as much as possible and keep them that way for a long time.

For Very Fine And Long Eyelashes

Are your eyelashes long, thin and brittle? You are not alone, and many girls like you have problems achieving that curve that gives depth to the look. Calm down; there is a solution!

It would help if you had a mask that offers the effect of a lot of volumes and, at the same time, that contains a formula with olive oil and nutrients that prevent breakage.

As for the brush, the best option is one with short, straight bristles to distribute the product evenly from the base to the tips.

For Straight Lashes

When choosing the mascara, lean towards those that offer a lifting effect because they are three in one: they give volume, curvature and more length. When applying makeup, you must do it in a zigzag shape in this type of eyelashes. It will help you get the most out of the mask.

  • The brush is the base for straight lashes to achieve an impact look. It must be of two parts:
  • The first, in the form of a curve, with short bristles that will give the hair an oval shape.
  • And the second, with long straight bristles, which will help separate hair by hair.

Mascara, According To Your Eyes

Now that you know how to choose the mascara according to the effect you want to achieve, there is one aspect that you should also take into account.

Do you remember that we mentioned that the eyelashes frame your look? You can give them a little push to make them stand out. At this point, you have to know that the shape of your eyes must also be in tune with the effect you want on your eyelashes.

Keep in mind these tips that you can put into practice:

Rounded Eyes

This type of eye does not require very curved eyelashes; you need to lengthen them and give them a little volume. Without exaggerations, I recommend you use a basic mask that makes them stand out a bit. Complete with a good eyeliner with the indicated technique to lift the eye.

Deep Eyes

It would help if you had a mask that makes them look very long so that your look can be broader. A beauty trick to make these eyes look great is to apply mascara to both the upper and lower lashes. Be quite generous with the product. Then, brush them apart, and you will notice the difference.

Elongated Eyes

In this case, what will help you the most is mascara and a brush that allows you instantly expand, and as much as possible, each eyelash upwards. With these, you will be able to open your eyes.

One last part of advice if you have long eyes. When you’re applying makeup, twist the brush diagonally until you reach the tip, and you’ll see that it will become your beauty secret.

My Advice: Give Your Lashes Some Extra Love!

In addition to having the mascara that best suits your needs in your makeup case, for your lashes to look good, you have to take care of them. Sometimes they are the great forgotten in beauty treatments.

So, girls, I suggest that you take care to apply the best product and give them one or another sweetie. You can combine them with your treatments to combat dark circles or reduce micro-wrinkles, and thus you will not forget to pay attention to them.

You don’t need a lot of time to take care of them. Here are about things you can take into account:

  • Always choose the mascara that contains nutrients like pro-vitamin B5. She is the one to take care of them.
  • Like all other makeup, mascara should be removed every night before bed. Do it with cotton and special eye makeup remover.
  • Give them complementary treatments. Today countless nutritional products on the market are not expensive and are very good quality.
  • You can wear false eyelashes, but do not make them constant, and always look for aesthetic professionals. The eyes are very delicate; a bad practice can affect the natural growth of the hair and, in the worst case, suffer from infections.
  • Don’t pull too much on your lashes when you put on makeup. They can weaken or become detached. If you know how to choose the right mascara, you will achieve the effect you want with a gentle pass.

As always, girls, I have loved sharing with you these beauty secrets to choose the perfect mascara. I hope you like them and achieve that striking look that we so much desire.

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