7 original greeting card ideas for Christmas and New Year’s Eve

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Do you often send Christmas and New Year cards to your family and friends? Or would you like to start a new tradition? Take a look at this article for some great ideas:

Reuse your party supplies

Photo booths and party accessories like mustaches, glasses, fun hats, and more are trendy at weddings. Why not use this idea for your Christmas cards? Santa hats, white beards, reindeer antlers, red noses, and here you have an original Christmas card.

change perspective

Sometimes it’s nice to give family photos a new perspective. Lie down on the floor (it’s more comfortable anyway, and everyone puts on a Santa hat. They can also form a star or represent text. Even if the little ones don’t stay in place, it makes the photo even more vivid.

Let there be light

Wrap yourself, your children, or the whole family in a light garland. Or use the fairy lights or other Christmas decorations to decorate yourself instead of hanging them on the Christmas tree. And here is a lighted Christmas card.

Show your feet…

You can also photograph a part of yourself or yourself. For example, with colorful Christmas stockings? Or your feet wrapped in cozy socks in front of the fireplace? This photo captures the spirit of Christmas and is perfect for holiday cards.

classic but original

Even a classic family photo will inspire the family year after year. This year you can add an original touch to your family photo by putting funny reindeer antlers on your children’s heads, decorating the Christmas tree uniquely, or dressing them all the same way.

New Year Cards: Let the corks fly

Instead of Christmas cards, you can also send New Year’s greetings. Below are two card ideas that are perfect for the holidays. All card designs are Christmas images taken with a smartphone.

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