What Is The Future Of Fashion In 2022

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What Is The Future Of Fashion In 2022 – What is the end of Fashion in 2022 – Many people who are part of the fashion sector have realized, in recent years, that the industry. As we know it today, needs to change. Then, for example, the situation arising after the coronavirus pandemic and the consequences that this has brought toward the sector, it seems that the time for change consumes come.

How Did We Get To The Current Situation?

In recent times we have been immersed in what we know as Fast Fashion, translated into as fast Fashion, due to the increasingly faster pace in which the entire manufacturing process of a garment is carried out, from the approach of the creative idea, until its launch and subsequent promotion.

This hasty speed takes had the consequence that, in its place of the two seasons. With their corresponding parades, to which we stood accustomed, they have practically disappeared, and the launches of new lines are constant, with all that this implies.

We cannot forget that the fashion industry is the second most polluting globally, only after oil. In addition, it emits large amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere, not only in the production process but also in all events and promotional actions after the launch of a season.

Future Of Fashion

The creation of clothing, in this sense, has put away all kinds of creativity and has focused on creating and selling garments increasingly quickly and cheaply. With what this similarly means for workers in the sector.

But almost a year ago, all this changed. The coronavirus made us all stay at home, slowing down the speed of production and the pace of life in general.

Consumption of non-essential items plummeted, and for weeks (even months). Clothing stores stood forced to close, and significant industry events had to be annulled.

This made many agents belonging to the world of Fashion rethink the area’s future. The time had come to an end mass consumption and overproduction, giving way to a new paradigm focused on sustainability and care for the environment. environment and the people who are part of the industry

“Rewriting Fashion,” A Proposal To Take Into Account

The term Rewriting Fashion is not current but has derived from the fashion revolution. Which began after the tragedy that occurred in Bangladesh in 2013.

In this manifesto. People of great importance within the sector demand a radical change and specific measures to slow down the current fashion pace.

What Is The Future Of Fashion In 2022Among the ideas presented is reordering. The current parade calendar to avoid copies proposing that the catwalks be in a mixed and accessible format to minimize their environmental impact. In addition, it is optional that the exclusivity of fashion events. Until now aimed at people in the sector, be eliminated, allowing a live interaction with consumers to remain shaped.

Finally, it is encouraged to eliminate all kinds of random sales. Such as on “special” dates such as Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday. Leaving only those that symbolize a change of season.

But consumers cannot wash their hands of this aspect and blame the current situation solely on fashion brands and companies. It is in our hands to help this change come to fruition, and for this. It is time to start questioning certain things when purchasing a garment:

Who Made It? Why Is It So Cheap? Or Why Should I Follow A Specific Fashion Or Trend?

Before us is the great challenge of escaping from Fast Fashion and fighting for an industry. That is not so polluting. That provides sustainability at all levels, and that cares about the environment and the people who work in it.

But What Can We Do To Help?

Small individual actions help achieve a common goal. Such as acquiring clothes in second-hand stores and platforms. Asking ourselves if we need a specific garment before buying ‘it selling our old clothes or, better yet. Donating them and, above all, supporting local Fashion and small businesses.

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